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On today’s show, Merrill Chandler dives right into what is happening in the Get Fundable world and how people can continue to be a part of that. Explaining the need to change the name of the show from Are You F*able to Get Fundable, Merrill emphasizes his continued commitment to waking people up to their greatness, to their financial dreams, and to making sure that they can have everything that they want in their financial lives through the show. At the end of the day, it takes everybody from Get Fundable and all the audience to build the vision and walk the steps to fundability™ success.

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Names Have Been Changed To Protect the Innocent

Do you notice anything different? It’s a little different. I want to take a moment so I can bring you up to date with what’s been happening for me, for my mission, branding and how to change the world through fundability™. I’m going to dive right into exactly what is happening in the Get Fundable world and how you can continue to be a part of that. For those of you who are reading, I said the Get Fundable show. You may ask, “Is this different? What happened to the Are You F*able? show? I love that name.”

This is one of those times in which I have to take a step back and reevaluate what my mission is. Do I just want to arouse the ire of everybody? The episode title is called The Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent. Here’s what happened. We’ve done over 50 episodes of Are You F*able? We were getting feedback that people loved the content and they wanted to share it with their friends, family associates, but they were a little skittish because of the title.

I’m a disruptor. I’m an innovator. If you’ve gotten this far, especially if you’ve binged all the way through to get to this episode, you know that I’m about calling out the truth. One of my success principles, only the truth is actionable. I took a step back, talked to my executive team and my marketing team. What we found was that if my mission is to positively affect as many people as possible, to get the word out, fundability™ is a thing, number one, and can change their lives.

If I truly am about that, am I going to stand in my own way? Am I going to let my personality and my desire to flip the switch on everybody’s belief system? Am I going to let that get in the way of my mission? We step back and as you know, I’ve been sending you to GetFundable.com to find my book, to check out the bootcamps, to see the blogs. What I realized was that while the Are You F*able? is a message, it’s for insiders. It’s for people who know my personality. It’s for people who get it about being part of a community, being part of a tribe that says, “I want to change my relationship with lenders. I want to create an equilibrium. I want to create win-wins so that they’re giving me the least expensive money possible. I am nailing it when they give me the ball, I shoot and I score every single time.”

Your battle is not with your neighbor or your opponents. Your battle is with your ways of being that limit you. Share on X

For all of you, our most popular shirt in our swag bag and in our bootcamps is the Are You F*able? shirt because people know what it means to be a part of the tribe. I love the term. I wanted to make sure that we cast the widest net possible and that wide net includes making this podcast easily accessible and easy to be referred by friends and family, etc. I don’t know if it happened to you, but some people couldn’t even find Are You F*able? podcast when they’re on iTunes or podcast and they couldn’t find it.

Is it three asterisks? Is it one asterisk? Search is using an asterisk. Who knows if it works? We wanted to make it accessible, number one. Even though it says Get Fundable, what’s happening is you don’t have to put the asterisk in there when you search it. We also wanted to make it easily referred, “You’ve got to hear this guy’s show. He is literally rolling down all of the information you need to become fundable and to take down business lines of credit, be able to get those mortgages and auto loans at the best possible rates, how to save money and how to grow your businesses. What’s the name of the show? Are You F*able?”

I didn’t want that disconnect, not at the first introduction to what we’re doing. We want as many people as part of this tribe as possible. If somebody says, “Where can I find that show? Get Fundable show.” Get Fundable pops right up. All of that is in play to make the changes to the Get Fundable show. I’m still an innovator. I’m still taking down the liars, cheaters and thieves out there. I’m still committed to waking people up to their greatness, to their financial dreams, to making sure that they can have everything that they want in their financial lives.

I’m totally committed, but it doesn’t matter how committed I am if some segment of the population is like, “What?” out of the gate. In your family, with your friends, with your associates, you can now send them to the Get Fundable show and they will know exactly from hearing it. They will know exactly what it’s about. That is how messages work. That’s what being on brand means is, does someone understand the message straight from the title? In concert with this, this new perspective has also created additional changes. We’re using Get Fundable to drive everybody.

You can go to the GetFundable.com website and find my book, find the podcasts, the blog, find the bootcamp. You can also go to GetFundableBootcamp.com and it goes to that same page, GetFundableBook.com and it goes to my book page, GetFundablePodcast.com and it goes straight to the blog page of these podcasts. You can send people to any one of those. We’re trying to make it as simple as possible so that no matter what you need or what you tell one of your friends or family members or otherwise, it’s super easy to find. Once you’re on the inside, it’s all about being fundable. It’s all about being F*able. People can play. They get my personality, they get your personality, and they see how fun this process is.

They see what interrupted is. They get to see that this is a wake-up call to not just achieving their financial dreams, but it’s a wake up to the disrupter that’s inside of them. Nobody is attracted to my message without having that little part inside themselves like, “Yeah, insider secrets, shortcuts to awesome.” Those shortcuts deliver amazing partnerships with our lenders, bankers and business partners. It’s a win for everybody. It definitely is aging myself, dating myself. It definitely dates me. The name of this episode is From Old Television Show. It’s a total gumshoe Los Angeles Police Department called Dragnet.

AYF 59 | Get Fundable

Get Fundable: This is a wake-up call to not just achieving their financial dreams, but it’s a wakeup call to their disrupter that’s inside of them.


At the beginning and the voice over, it’s like these events are true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. My name has been changed to protect the innocent. I want everybody to feel like they have access because this is the free introduction. You can be what I call an ayeur. A voyeur is someone who watches without being detected. Not participating in what’s going on, you’re a voyeur. I don’t know if I invented the term, but who wants to listen without participating, I call them ayeur based on the audio functions of our perceptions. You get to be a voyeur or an ayeur. I don’t know anything about you. I don’t know what you’re watching or that you download. There’s no tracking of who you are.

You, your friends, anybody who reads the blog for free can get a taste of what we’re doing. I wanted to make it accessible. I wanted to make it powerful. I wanted to make it so that you and your friends’ associates brand new people. I’m on shows all the time and they say, “Merrill, tell us about your show.” When I said, “Are You F*able?” I now realize that there is some little cringe factor for some percent of people. It could be. Some people are going to be laughing their asses off and they’ll be like, “I’m all in.” This guy is funny as hell and I want to see what he has to say.

Other people are like, “I want to hear what he has to say, but I now have to climb over my own obstacles.” Even though my show is explicit, you know that I’m not straight up vulgar. That has even changed a little bit because I want people to hear the message more than I want them to pay attention to the messenger. The message is far more important than I am. We’ve calibrated the name of the show so that even that super conservative, super religious, super devout, super conservative soul that is your daughter’s brother or aunt or nana, I want you to be able to say, “Nana, go to Get Fundable show. Look it up and listen to this guy. He’s going to help you become fundable.”

That is the intent for the change where we want everybody to be fundable and we want everybody to have access to this opportunity without having to climb over their beliefs or that sacred part of their soul that’s more conservative, that’s quieter. I respect that. The most important part of this whole thing is that this is many if not most people’s introduction to fundability™. I want them to be able to come to it and have to take a grain of salt when they understand my personality. If you have been one of these people, hopefully you and I are building a relationship where you can see that while I’m out there in my personality, my disruptiveness and my willingness to take on the billion-dollar companies that are lying, cheating and stealing.

Hopefully, I create an environment where you can forgive my foibles while I am literally on the rooftops preaching about fundability™ and pushing the buttons of all of the insiders out there who are trying to capitalize on our ignorance, on your ignorance. It takes all kinds. We need my personality to get out there and push buttons. We need your personality to be able to take everything that we’re talking about. Being part of this community and part of this tribe and use your conservatism because if these things work for you, they’re going to work for 99.9% of all borrowers in the universe.

Your conservatism is what I need to shape my message. I have no problem. Your personality type, I bless you and I acknowledge that it takes all of us to build this vision and to be successful in building our fundability™. If I can take my out of the boxiness and wildness, that’s what it takes to knock on these billion-dollar doors and say, “Excuse me, what did you say? This is BS. You don’t get to do this anymore and we want a seat at this table.” That’s what it’s been with FICO. That’s what it’s been with the big lenders, the tier 1 and tier 2 lenders. This is happening.

It takes my personality to knock on that door. It takes your personality to show all of us how we can easily and effortlessly walk these steps to our fundability™ success. I love the branding. I love the Get Fundable battle cry, the war cheer. Even though we’re not going to war with lenders, we are taking on our beliefs. That’s what we’re up against. I saw Instagram posts that I’ll paraphrase. It said something like, “Your battle is not with your neighbor or with the other country or your opponents. Your battle is with your limiting beliefs. Your battle is with your smallness. Your battle is with your ways of being that limit you.” That’s our battle.

Get Fundable is our battle cry for how we used to do it, how it didn’t serve us. Now we’re in a position to take all of these steps and every one of us has our role. Every one of us has made a huge contribution to this movement. It’s all about Get Fundable and you can find it at GetFundable.com, GetFundablePodcast.com, GetFundableBook.com, GetFundableBootcamp.com. I bet you there’s going to be some other GetFundableSomethings.com because I want you to share the love, bring people on board, make people aware that their current self is what we get to transform.

Your current beliefs are what we get to transform together so that we can reach our financial goals. Nine times out of ten when we reach our financial goals, we’re able to reach every single other objective, every dream, everything we’ve ever wanted for ourselves, for our loved ones, etc. Welcome to the Get Fundable show. Thank you for checking in. Thank you all of you, bingers. You have it in you to take down amazing lines of credit, business loans. Get that first mortgage, get that auto loan where you put the down money on the first payment and just surprise the hell out of your lenders and they’re like, “Who is this person? I love this borrower.” That is what we’re all about. Implement a way, keep bingeing, keep going and pass along the love. Send people to the Get Fundable show. It is your free access to this introduction of what’s possible. From there, we’ll continue to grow together. We do everything we can and learn all of the insider secrets to being fundable.

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