AYF GF 142 | Identification Numbers


ITINs, CPNs, and SSNs may look incomprehensible, but they form a unique look at your fundability™. In this episode, Merrill Chandler digs deep into these identification numbers and gives us the lowdown on what they mean. We look at SSNs and analyze the meaning of these numbers. Merrill gives us the score on CPNs and talks about why these are fraudulent numbers that you should avoid at all cost. We also take a peek at ITINs and why these are important fundability™ tools for foreign people in the US.

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ITINs, CPNs, & SSNs: A Critical Review

Can You Dodge Your Past By Getting a New Social Security Number?

In this episode, we’re taking it all on. We’re taking on fraud, fake Social Security numbers and CPNs, what are called Credit Protection Numbers. We’re even taking on ITIN, the tax numbers used by foreign nationals, but it happened to be used by fraudsters to attempt to establish bonafide Social Security replacements so that people can try and dodge their debt. You’re going to learn the truth about it all.

We are going to do a deep dive on this whole idea of CPNs, ITINs, Social Security numbers and what fraudsters are doing. This is so much fun. There are still so many myths out there about all of this stuff and this is the truth you trust. We’re here to get away from all of the BS and take a look at what’s going on out there. There are three things we’re going to be discussing in how they relate to each other. Social Security numbers, how they’re created, what they mean and how they’re used. We’re going to talk about CPNs, Credit Protection Numbers or Credit Profile Numbers, how they’re used, and their fraudster nature. We’re going to talk about ITINs that are sometimes used in fraud but are legitimate numbers. We’ll go through it all. Let’s get this thing started.

Your Social Security Number And You

First, your Social Security number, that nine-digit number that everybody has been using and they need in order to help track you. It’s one of the indicators that they search to establish your identity. If we’re looking at your PBID, Personal Borrower Identity and its name, address, phone number, Social Security, and date of birth. Those are the big five identifiers. The more consistent we are, the more clear. I always say that your identity, in which your Social Security number plays an important role, is the gatekeeper to your funding.

What is the Social Security number? First of all, it was created back in the 1930s as part of the Social Security Administration to create long-term well-being savings accounts for wage earners. Interestingly enough, the nine digits are split up into three groups. I’m going to share with you exactly what that looks like because the three groups have a meaning. There’s an intention behind these three groups. The first three digits is an area number, usually state, but it could be used for possessions or different parts of the world where we have major influence and there are a lot of individuals who are citizens.

Analyzing Your SSN

The second two is referred to as a group number, but many people mistakenly identify that group number as being in your state and then generations in the state. We’re going to blow up that myth because it has nothing to do with the age of your person or generation. It has to do with how fast blocks of the last four digits have been gone through. What do I mean by this? Let me pull up another form. I’m going to read everything that I possibly can to make sure that you know what I’m saying. We’re looking at a document that breaks down. I have a Social Security document from the Social Security Administration that reviews. Let’s blow it up a little further for you.

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You’ll notice that the area number relates to Alabama. Alaska is 574. Alabama is 416 to 424 as the first group of numbers. California is 545 all the way through 573. Now, those got all used up, so they went from 602 to 626. People are like, “What the hell is he talking about?” These are important things to understand because when it comes to CPNs, ITINs, and fraudulent use of nine numbers, some even use an EIN. If you don’t know what you’re doing and buying the BS that’s being sold by credit repair companies and fraudsters out there, they’re going to give you away when you say that your birth state was California, but you have a 274 first three digits of your Social Security number. Fraud, right there, caught in the act because nobody in California has a 274 prefix for the first three digits. That’s why it’s vital.

Florida is 261 to 267 and then went to 589 to 595. These ranges are for the area that you got your Social Security number in. Most hospitals won’t let you leave the hospital with your child until you filled out a Social Security number. I’m an old-school Baby Boomer. I got my Social Security number when I applied for my first job. Anywhere between 0 and 16 months in your first job is typically when most of us have got our Social Security numbers and filled out the application. The interesting part is all my children, every one of them, couldn’t leave the hospital until we filled out their SS for their Social Security card application.

What about the group number? The group number is super interesting because many people have said, “You’re in the state, but what generation were you assigned? You were born in the ’60s. You’re going to have X numbers. You were born in the ’70s. You’re going to have Y numbers.” They’re not specifically related. They are groups of numbers that, when you run out of the number, bring in the next set of numbers in that second place, the two-digit middle numbers. The fascinating thing about that is they can be related to generations of births in that state because you’re turning through these.

I’ve got a document that I want to show you about these middle numbers. This is the second page of that document. The top right-hand column says that each state goes through all of its area numbers with groups number 1 through 9,999. It will start out with 01 as the middle number. 01 and then all the numbers from 0 to 9,999 are done before it goes to 02. Imagine your first three digits. 509 is in Kansas. The first digits of your Social Security, let’s call it 509. There are two more and then there are four more. 509 says what state you’re in. Let’s say that this is 3231.

Every single Social Security number will start out at 01 and then they will assign like 1111 all the way to 9999. This individual is in Kansas. He’s in the first group and this was his four-digit number in between these two. Interestingly enough, check it out. When you go from 1111, you go through all four of those last digits, and then you start over with 02. It will start back application by application. It starts out at 0001 and goes through 9999. We’re going to go through 03, 0001 through 99999, and then 04, etc. Their rationale is to keep integrity within the Social Security number administration process. These are odd numbers, 01, 03, 05, 09, and then it goes to 10 through 98 in even numbers. They mix it up, odd numbers through 09 and then 10 through 98 are even numbers. Remember, it’s still all Kansas. In the next group, after we hit 98, then we’re going to go through 02, 04, 06, 08. This is even. We’re going to go through 11 through 99 odd.

AYF GF 142 | Identification Numbers

Identification Numbers: There’s a thing called CPN and it’s been touted to be a credit protection number or a credit profile number. These are fake. This is a fake construct.


This is all background information to prove the point that I’m going to be making. The point is there is rhyme and reason for doing this up until 2011. This is the truth you can trust because there are so many myths. This operated from the 1930s through 2011. This was exactly how it operated. In 2011, they made a new policy change. Let me give you a summary. This is a document that says High Group List. High Group List means this process and other ways to determine if your Social Security number is valid. They have lookup tables to see if it’s valid. If they can put this on a website for consumption, then that means every single database used by lenders and underwriting is going to use the exact same lookup tables to see if a Social Security number is valid.

This is how they do it through June 25, 2011. What happened after 2011? I want to show you the final document because this is what they do now. In 2011, there is what’s called the Social Security number Randomization. It is designed to establish longevity, but it still uses some of the same structure that was done here. It’s just now these are randomized. Your middle numbers and last numbers are all randomized. Proposals exist such that they will get rid of the state in its entirety. The whole point of going through this exercise is to share with you that the fraudsters have thought that it’s an easy picking to pick any kind of Social Security number and have it be usable. Let’s get to that point.

Credit Protection Numbers: Busted!

Here’s where the challenge comes in. They are randomizing Social Security numbers as of 2011. What’s going on with that? There’s a thing called CPN. It’s a Credit Protection Number or a Credit Profile Number. This is a fake construct. There are people who have said, “You can ask your attorney to get a CPN from the Social Security Administration.” CPNs do not exist. They’ve been touted as a way that Obama, the Senate, the House, senators, congressmen, and women, the people that are visible can use these numbers in order to not show their Social Security number. All of it is completely fake and complete BS. The point is that these CPNs are back offices where credit repair companies and individuals who are sketchy fraudsters will offer.

Getting A Legitimate New SSN

You could google CPN and it will say you can buy CPNs for hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars. Don’t do it because they’re not real. What they have done is they have gone back and looked for deceased persons or young children and are using that child’s Social Security number to give it to you, the buyer of fraudulent goods. In the Social Security marketplace, there is a legitimate way to get a new Social Security number, but it’s not a CPN, Credit Protection Number. A new SSN can be done for these five reasons. Sequential Social Security numbers assigned to members of the same family are causing problems. You go back to the Social Security office and say, “My twin and I are one number apart because you left the hospital with filling out applications and you got assigned a different number.” Let’s say, as crazy it is, there’s Alexander and Alexandria and now they both go by Alex. That is a reason why you can have your Social Security number updated or changed.

You’re not getting a CPN. You’re getting a new Social Security number that still fits the model. If it’s come to be found out that more than one person is assigned or using the Social Security number, the Social Security number office runs into all kinds. We’re working with the FBI and Homeland Security. They find innumerable Social Security numbers that are being used twice because they’ve been fraudulently sold as CPNs. The next one is a victim of an identity theft that is having ongoing issues because of their original Social Security number. If you have it done once, they’re not going to give you a new Social Security number, but if for some reason, somebody keeps using yours over and over, you clean it up and they use it again. You have the right to get a new Social Security number.

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Someone who is being harassed, abused, or their life is in danger is where WITSEC, Witness Protection Programs, federal law enforcement agencies are looking to build an identity for somebody or they’re trying to protect somebody in custody or a witness. If they’re being harassed, abused or their life is in danger, according to the SSA, that’s a legitimate and viable reason to have a new Social Security number assigned. There are religious or cultural objections to numbers or digits in your original Social Security number. This one is interesting because let’s say your religion doesn’t like the number eight and you have an even one eight, you can ask to get a new Social Security number that doesn’t include the number eight.

How do we go from Social Security numbers to these CPNs? This is crazy talk. I’m going to share this with you. Do you realize that Ancestry.com has a way to look for Social Security numbers based on name, date, age, or birth and it’s through 2007? Meaning they could have died any time between 1936 and 2007. You can start randomizing and looking up. Programmers can do a program to start using common names, David Smith, and be able to establish and find valid Social Security numbers that belong to either an infant or a deceased person. All of this creates problems if we’re not vigilant in trying to create that clarity. Remember, our personal borrower identity is the solution to the identity crisis facing this country with regards to stolen identities and fraudulent applications done in the name of those stolen identities.

People have used CPN. If you’re trying to hide from an old identity, you’re trying to change it up. There’s an abundant number of stories online that show people who walked through the process to build a new identity and then were either arrested or investigations were made to that fraudulent application. It is a federal felony to file a fraudulent application. If they asked for your Social Security number and you put in any other number than your born Social Security number, it is a fraudulent application. Straight up with no questions asked. You can get a new Social Security number if you meet one of those criteria, but it’s now your new and legitimate Social Security number. It’s vital for us to know how the system works and create the protections we need to have that perfect borrower identity.

There Are No Shortcuts To Fundability™

The CPN is designed to hide from old stuff. There is no fast shortcut to re-establishing your fundability™. Sometimes it may be a couple of years for some of us to re-establish fundability™. The only way that I support is to take your current identity, clean up your identity and move through the audit process for accuracy on your profile. Remove whatever derogatory accounts do not fit the Fair Credit Reporting Act conditions for being reported, and then build a legitimate profile, even if you took a bath in the past financially or taken a serious hit. Danger, Will Robinson. You must understand that misrepresenting your Social Security number is a felony fraud account.

FICO Falcon is tracking every digit and everything we put on an application over time. I love it. Some people are like, “There’s Big Brother. Where’s our independence?” Are you kidding me? You’re trying to borrow somebody else’s money. You get to play and buy the rules of the game where they’re going to give you money. If you’re going to receive money from them, it gets to be on their terms, not on yours. What do I teach? Everything. My boot camp, book, and everything talk about establishing a borrower identity that is loud and proud. That’s how you become bulletproof when it comes to your fundability™. You’re standing loud and proud with a single version of your identity that lenders can count on. We partner with lenders to establish good faith and then we play the game by the rules.

AYF GF 142 | Identification Numbers

Identification Numbers: If you master the art of fundability™, then they will give you the funding ball over and over and over again.


It’s like the NBA recruiting you to play for their team and then you want to play baseball. That isn’t what they hired you to do. You either play basketball or get off their team and do whatever the hell you want. If you’re going to play for a basketball team, Citi, Wells, PB&T, US Bank, PNC, if you want to play for an NBA team, you got to play basketball and play it by the rules. If you become masterful, which is all about fundability™, my life’s work is making borrowers fundable. If you master the art of fundability™, then they will give you the funding ball over and over again because you score, make points, and kill it as a player. They win as a team and you win as the star borrower. That’s CPN, Credit Protection Numbers or Credit Profile Numbers. It’s all BS and fraudulent. The CPN was somebody else’s Social Security number or an EIN. We’ll discuss the EINs on the business section of this in a different episode.

Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers

Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, ITINs. These are special identification numbers. They are not Social Security numbers because they’re reserved for a special circumstance by non-resident or resident aliens. People who aren’t the formal citizens of the country, their spouses and dependents. You can’t get a Social Security number without meeting certain criteria, citizenship, and a green card. Many people are here for getting educated, working and work exchange programs. There are ways in which you can create long-term fundability™ with an ITIN as a non-resident, but it requires building a long-term relationship with a bank.

You can get funded as a foreign national in this country with most top-tier banks by building a relationship like we outlined in the bootcamp. You establish your checking account and credit card with the right traffic patterns, but each one of these is staged over time so that they can see your pattern of behavior and fund you accordingly. The ITIN is formatted like the Social Security number with nine digits. It has got the dashes in between, the 3, 2, and 4, but all ITINs begin with the number nine. The last three are not found on Social Security numbers. They’re reserved for the ITIN status. If it starts with a nine, it’s an ITIN, but also, if you’re trying to get an ITIN so you can have a new nine-digit number that’s not linked to your name, fraudsters, then you’re going to get caught because nines represent ITINs and you should be a non-resident or a resident alien.

Keeping Away From Fraud

The bottom line here is to do it freaking right and be patient. You guys know my story. I crashed, burned, and rebuilt my entire borrower identity and financial reputation. It took me a couple of solid years to get that done, but it’s worth it. Post-bankruptcy, what is 3 or 4 years to begin to have long-term relationships with the banks who want you to play on their team? Everything we’re talking about, this whole idea of falsifying documents to take shortcuts is getting more closed down. FICO Falcon is all over it. Let’s talk about what cheating means. Once you are blacklisted because of fraud or FICO Falcon has your applications, you become persona non grata and worthless to them as a borrower. They’re going to deny you over and over again.

Together, let’s create a path so that you can become fundable. We walk that path maybe even together to establish the right borrower profile, identity and accounts profile so that when a lender looks at you, they want to recruit you, put you on their team, and give you the funding ball over and over again because you keep delivering. Let’s do it right for the long haul. I’ll see you on the inside. Please rate, review, share and knock it out of the park. Tell us what you think. Share this with people because you never know who could be googling something because they want to dodge their financial past, maybe walking off a cliff and don’t even know it. I’ll see you in the next episode.

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