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AYF/GF 179 | Life Insurance Policies

How To Leverage Life Insurance Policies With Dan Thompson

  There are tools to help you grow financially. In fact, this episode’s guest has four of them! Today, we...

Live From FICO World 2023 With David Smith

  Your financial future is shaped by the decisions you make today, and understanding the hidden factors behind lending can...
AYF GF 168 | Rolling Charge Offs

The Dangers Of Rolling Charge-Offs

  Do you know what a rolling charge-off is? In this episode, Merrill Chandler defines the term and how it...
AYF GF 177 | Bankruptcy

The Truth About Bankruptcy

  What is the truth about declaring bankruptcy? In today’s episode, Merrill Chandler defines bankruptcy and walks you through how,...
AYF GF 176 | Buy Now Pay Later

The Sketchiest “Buy Now, Pay Later” Practices

  Nowadays, people would often splurge on what item is on trend. It could be the newest phones, gaming consoles,...
AYF/GF 175 | Credit Card Limit Increase

Why Certain Credit Cards Will Never Get A Limit Increase

  Do you have a credit card that you use for shopping? Are your needs and wants to pile up,...
AYF/GF 174 | Accessing Money

The Path To “Access The Money” With Flame Newton

  Credit scores determine the borrowers’ access to money from lenders. Low credit does affect your chances of getting lenders...
AYF/GF 173 | Failure As A Lesson:

Why Failure is the Greatest Feedback With Jen Conkey and Stacy Conkey

  The real estate industry can be sometimes fickle. Making that first deal can be a very daunting task that...
AYF/GF 172 | Bank Fund

How You’re Unknowingly Telling Banks NOT To Fund You With Brandon Bailey

  If you could read the minds of bankers, would you? Fortunately, you don’t need to summon psychic abilities for...
AYF GF 171 | Optimizing Your Time

The Top 3 Strategies To Optimize Your Time With Becky Nova

  Many would set a goal and wonder, “Hey! I’ve been setting this goal, and still, why couldn’t I make...