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There are so many factors to fundability™, so it’s appropriate that there be so many fundability™ services, or at least services related to fundability™, out there. Everybody has a different need, and different people and firms specialize in different services. Along with one of his partners at CreditSense, Jessica Guisinger Tabora, Merrill Chandler runs through some of the best people, companies, and services out there that he’s able to work with and have even appeared on Are You F*able. Get a pen and paper ready because there’s a lot of great companies you could be working with on fundability™ today!

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Who’s In YOUR Dream 100? With Jessica Guisinger Tabora

I’ve got a treat for us. We’re at a HomeVestors event. We thought we’d check in with you and let you know a wrap-up for the events we did, and what you can count on if you’re anywhere in the neck of the woods all over the country. We’re going to fill you in where we’re going to be so we can press some flesh.

You’ve met her before. She’s genius, my partner, my friend, Jessica Guisinger Tabora. We’re here at the HomeVestors event. We wanted to check in and I wanted to interview you, Jessica, about events for the Get Fundable brand and our education that we do out there. A lot of people have asked us through the show, the website, checking in, where can I see you because you seem to be getting around the country? We’re in FICO in New York and we’re in San Diego. We wanted it to go over and do a shout out to our partners and the sponsors. There are so many people who support us, love us at what we’re doing. At the same time, we announce these don’t include dates and times, its groups that you can follow that we are fans of that we love. They’ll let you know when we’re on their stages and when they’re on our stages. 

It’s been great being here at this event with you. We’ve had a good time. Merrill and I have spent a lot of time reminiscing on the events that we’ve done and planned what we’ve got coming up, where we’re excited to go.

This is true for every year that we do this. We have been fans for a group of people and they have been our fans for years, some 5 to 10 years. That’s what we wanted to share what they’re doing and how we’re going to approach this.

No dates, no locations. We’re at HomeVestors Association. They have it two times a year and we’re at both every single year religiously.

HomeVestors, it’s We Buy Ugly Houses. We’re their fundability™ champions. 

We’ve been here several years.

We have dozens of their franchise. There are 1,100 franchisees here.

This is one of their biggest events.

You are in a position to get fundable, and become a professional borrower #GetFundable Share on X

We’re in a position to help them become fundable and become professional borrowers. Everything you have been bingeing on. One of the things that I love about them is that in the real estate investor marketplace, they are a franchise. They have a formula for success. If you are looking for a formula, these guys are smart and they know how to do this. We love being here and their fundability™ arm. 

We see the same people year-after-year and it’s great.

We get to check in with our clients, our students come by. People were like, “When’s your next boot camp?” We put the fun in fundability™. 

The next one is a huge shout out to George Antone and his Fynanc.com group.

If you are part of his group, you get to see me and my presentations as one of the building blocks. We are formally part of the curriculum. More importantly, his building blocks for hacking the finance system is genius. They have so many great tips and techniques that create wealth. We’re the funding experts.

The tips and techniques fall in line with fundability™. Nothing contradicts each other. It goes hand in hand.

It is a marriage of financial titans. Shout out to George, his students and his clients. You guys are awesome. We love it when you co-mingle groups. We comment on their Facebook pages. It’s so much fun. 

The next shout out, I love him and his group, Scott Carson with the Note Closers Show and We Close Notes. His whole team is great to work with. Merrill is on his show once a month. We do events with him. He’s a great guy.

AYF 57 | Fundability Services

Fundability™ Services: Through simple fundability™ strategies, you can get lease-operators to become owner-operators with their own fleets of equipment.


He’s a marketing genius. If you haven’t been part of one of his masterminds, we’re doing a show because he said, “Merrill, you’ve got to do a podcast.” When we started doing it, it was like a homerun. It was all him. You have been a massive gift to us. Scott, thank you for all of your support and his events. Go check out his show because we may be the best subject matter expert he has. He has dozens of geniuses about note buying, note holding and making nonperforming notes into performing. He’s great at that and we’re going to be doing things together over and over again all year long. You can find us from him. 

Next up on the list is Jennifer Hammond. She has been such a sweetheart. We’ve been going on her radio show for years. Merrill is on her radio show every couple of months.

It’s at least four times a year and it’s on SiriusXM. It looks at the Reality of Real Estate with Jennifer Hammond. We did the five landmines or seven landmines of holiday shopping. She has me on regularly. 

She’s gone through our program herself. She knows this. All of these people we were shouting out have done this for themselves. They believe in us as these people and I can see that.

They’ve done it and one of the things that Jennifer has done is that when we get on the show, hundreds of people checked out my book and our blog. She sees a spike whenever we do from book sales, blogs and they come to our boot camps to learn. 

We have one guy play all the way from the East Coast out to Utah because he heard us on Jennifer Hammond.

He said his best learning environment was in person. He flew out and did the boot camp right there in our studio. The other thing about Jennifer is that when I’ve been on those shows, she has a whole mix of audience. There are a lot of real estate investors, but I want to shout out the over-the-road truckers. We have gotten dozens of clients who are lease operators who’ve become owner-operators and they’d gotten fleets of three or four rigs because they’ve implemented all these fundability™ strategies. She broadcasts it 6:00 AM Mountain Time every Saturday morning and it’s 8:00 AM Eastern time. She is a dream. If you haven’t listened to her show, listen to it because it is awesome. 

Another one is throughout the year, multiple REIA groups speak to Real Estate Investment Associations. We get those because the National Real Estate Association invites us every year to their cruise.

Put the 'fun' in fundability™! #GetFundable Share on X

For several years in a row, we’ve gone on their Caribbean cruises and it’s a blast. That’s where we meet the leadership of all the different REIAs, and then they invite us to do the previous. There’s the boot camp, but there are previous where we share either the three secrets or the eight major funding mistakes that real estate investors make. We do presentations to educate because GetFundable.com is all about education. We want to make sure that you at least have the tools to stop stepping on the landmines. We’ve been talking about this. Every word we speak is about getting fundable and stops stepping up on landmines. 

Another one, this is a fairly new relationship we started building. It’s great and we’re going to definitely keep going.

It starts as a client.

That’s the best place to start because you have to figure out what we do. You find out that it works and then you want to share it with everyone.

The Women’s Conferences especially the WREN Conference, Paige is a genius and she has so much influence with women all over the country, especially in California.

She’s an advocate for business and women in real estate.

Shout out to the WREN crew because, would you like them all? They started out as clients. I’m like, “I have to share this with all my people.”

Another newer relationship we worked on. Thank you to Scott Carson for the introduction to Aaron Young with Magnify Your Wealth.

AYF 57 | Fundability Services

Fundability™ Services: Get the tools to stop you from stepping on fundability™ landmines.


The Laughlin Group, this is asset protection and taking care of stuff. We don’t even get a referral fee. How can we track you checking these people out? This isn’t about referrals. These are people who are massively supportive and have created amazing results for them and their groups. I was on Aaron’s stage and people get so excited when they find out what’s possible. We don’t know what we don’t know. That sounds so cliché, but it’s true. We did our preview with Aaron’s group and there’s a landslide of interest in becoming fundable and learning more and finding out what’s possible. 

These have been our highlight events.

We do real estate expos and business conferences. 

I set up the events and schedule where Merrill goes and where he needs to be at. If you want us to come to talk to your group or host a boot camp, we want to us to share education with your group, go to our website, GetFundable.com and contact us and say, “I want you guys out here. I want you to share your message.”

We’ve got some brand new groups that have all been hearing because good news spreads. We’re going to be in front of 300 people to be able to say we’re a large group. We’re in 150 all the time. 300 to 400 people are a wonderful sized event. We’re going to be knocking it out at the park because they do not know what’s coming. That brings out what we wanted to discuss in this show. Go to GetFundable.com. Click any button from my book, the blog, the boot camp. Find out for yourself. If you dig what you’re reading, share it and spread the love. We are so happy to have shared this time with you. Make sure you go check out what this is all about because fundability™ is the new F-word. You have a spectacular day.

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