AYF 56 | Saving On Taxes


How much money do you and your company burn paying taxes on various things year in and year out? Saving on taxes can be relatively easy—that is, if you’re working with the right strategies. Merrill Chandler discusses some techniques to help you get huge savings in taxes that will build over time. Imagine how much more money could be circulating in your company! Let Merrill teach you some great ways to do so that your CPA may not have even considered.

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Strategies Your CPA May Not Even Know

Look Behind The Curtain…

I have some great news for you. I want to be able to share with you some amazing feedback we’re getting and some crazy new opportunities as the result of us knocking that out of the park, helping people get their funding formulas implemented. I wanted to share some of this with you so that you’re right behind us in every step of the way. We want to make sure that as we’re leading the charge, you’re in a position to create the best results possible. I’ll tell you about the banks that are working for me. I’ll tell you about the opportunities that are working for me. In this episode, we are all about creating the best and next steps for me, our company and for what we’re doing. I want you to know the trajectory that we’re headed and where we’re going.

A String Of Good News

Let me share with you some of the good news. I’m doing a boot camp in Las Vegas and we had a great turnout. People are thrilled with what we’re getting done. The crazy thing was one of my students comes upon a break. He said, “I have to tell you this story.” I’m like, “Fire away. We’ve got a few minutes.” He says, “I’m texting my mom that I am in a credit seminar.” Apparently, his mom is talking to her sister and her sister says, “If he’s interested in credit, he has to go see Merrill Chandler. He is amazing at creating fundability™ and getting the results in business funding. I worked with him a few years ago. He was awesome.” The mom tells her son that, he starts laughing and says, “Mom, I’m in Merrill Chandler’s boot camp.”

You people have a great reputation and the various things that you’re doing. I’ve got to tell you heart-to-heart, it was amazing to be able to do things in the world of positive that affect people and have it come back around. The good book says, “Catch your bread upon the waters and it will return to you sevenfold.” It was amazing for that student to hear from his aunt that the best guy on the planet to talk to about credit fundability™ and getting business credit was me. I’m in the same boot camp. I got to tell you that where this ended up, it’s a string of dominoes. Another gentleman, Brian, was sitting at the boot camp as well. He’s texting one of his friends who is doing a deal with. He’s in Vegas, his friend is in Utah. He says, “I’m in this boot camp with Merrill Chandler.”

Nate says to Brian, “I’m his client. I’m a valet level client.” These guys are slaying it. I love what they have done for me. We haven’t even got to the business lines and it’s worth two or three times over what I paid in what they have saved my butt from deals that were going south. They helped me take care of the details so he could get funding for his deals. Brian gets off the phone and says, “Are you kidding me? I’m sitting here with you. My business partner, who I do deals with, is telling me that I’m in the place where I need to be.” That was hilarious. The next domino in that order is that I get on the phone with Nate and he’s a valued client.

It is amazing to be able to do things in the world of positive that affect people and have it come back around #GetFundable Share on X

He’s meeting with me once a month. We have this strategy session. He gives me the news that he took down his $1.1 million dream home that he’s been eyeballing for a minute and he’s like, “Merrill, I cannot thank you enough for all things that you have done.” I don’t know all the details. He’s super happy. We finish our strategy session. I say, “If you want to give a shout out, I’d love for you to put it out there on Facebook and go to my page, Funding Hackers.” He’s like, “I’d love to.” I don’t know what he’s going to say. He told me that he got his dream home. A half an hour later, this guy was madly in his heart and he gives a heartfelt shout out to me and my team for not just getting him his dream home but apparently, we had saved two deals.

Without knowing all the details, two-owner finance deals came due and he wasn’t ready to be able to have taken out loans through Fannie and Freddie commercial. We positioned his profile in a way that allowed him to create financing on each one of those homes. He saved together. If they would have crashed and burned, he would have lost $100,000 in total. He said, “I’m valet with you and you already saved me.” He’s gotten $40,000 in business credit. We’re getting started with him. We saved his Paducah’s on a couple of deals plus we’re ramping up plus getting his dream home. I’m feeling pretty good. I’m like, “This is awesome.”

This is planting good seeds, nurturing and caring enough to love your students, clients, people and help them get their dreams to come true just like what’s happening with Nate. I then get a phone call from a gentleman who I met at the same time I met Nate and he’s like, “I’m ready to get started.” I’m like, “Did you talk to Nate?” He goes, “No, I haven’t talked to Nate in a little bit.” I said, “Go, listen to what he had to say about what we’ve created.” He goes, “I don’t need to. I’ve been following your show. I’m on your list for your book. I’ve been following everything that you’re doing and I’m ready to go.” As we do this, he’s on the phone onboarding as a valet client.

It’s amazing to be able to do what you love and have people love it too, that they’re waving the fundable banner. They’re saying, “Yes, I’m fundable too.” It’s my greatest joy. It’s what I love. I don’t ask you when you become a student or a client, “Are you the CEO of a Fortune 500 company?” I want to help you get fundable. Come to find out that over the course of 2019, we’ve met some amazing people who have created some amazing opportunities for me, my company and my team. I’m going to hit some highlights but you’re going to be meeting them on future episodes. We’re going to be discussing these strategies. We’re going to be having a high-end strategy summit. You have your $200 million, $300 million, $500 million in funding. Now what?

AYF 56 | Saving On Taxes

Saving On Taxes: Plant good seeds: Nurture your students, clients, and the people around you, and help them get their dreams to come true.


Not to write a check and do a deal we’re talking about, but how do you deploy it? Some of you have asset protection, some of you don’t have Jack crap. In this process, I’ve learned that as my success continues to grow, I have to take care of business. I’m going to run down a couple of things that we’ve learned. First and foremost, I didn’t know people didn’t know this, but we are a consulting firm just like you boot campers, our funding hackers, all of the readers of the book. Everybody knows that we are a consulting firm. You’re a business owner, an entrepreneur, a real estate investor and I’m here to coach you, to consult you on how to be more profitable. That is the bullseye of the definition of a consulting firm.

People have been believing. There’s something out there that you can’t write off real estate education or some education packages. Somebody asks, “What’s your policy?” We’re a consulting firm. You go to a boot camp, you can write it off as professional fees. This is professional coaching from me and my team. Business and professional fees is the category most people put it in. You have hired us, whether it’s the boot camp level, the book level, the eBook level or the coaching level. You have engaged us to show you how to be more profitable, take down money and use and deploy that money intelligently and to your benefit. That’s 100% tax-deductible.

Your Business Consultants

I want to tell everybody, we’re not in the real estate education platform. We are your business consultants. Even while you watch us on Facebook Live, read the blog, read the book, you are getting coaching from a business consultant. That’s what you’ve hired me to do. Some of you are getting free coaching. Anytime you take it to the next level, every one of those costs associated with the people is fully tax-deductible. That’s one thing that we learned as we continue to expand is that some people aren’t aware of this. I want to make sure that that’s true. Second of all, I didn’t know this. How many of you have a Roth IRA out there or an IRA that is self-directed?

One of my coaches, Jack, is going to be on in our future episode to explain some of this stuff because when I learned about it, I said, “I got to tell my people.” When I met Jack, we were in an event together and he told me the story of one of the founders of PayPal did this strategy. This strategy employed me establishing a Roth IRA, which purchases interest by share of a corporation. It’s not a member of LLC but incorporation by shares of the newly born or unborn ideas of fundability™ optimization. All of our tech, software, the new phone app that we’re working on. He said, “If you purchase with a Roth IRA shares of that corporation, it will grow tax-free in percentage ownership because it started out as relatively worthless.” You guys know where it comes from.

I come to discover that if you don't hold minutes and the things that keep you a legal entity, shareholder meetings, by law updates, the corporate veil can be pierced #GetFundable Share on X

That federal prison cell, 8×10 walls, that’s where it started and it’s grown and grown onto paper and then on to software and all of that was purchased by my Roth IRA. You’re going to learn more in one of our next episodes about how you can take your ideas or your framework and put it in a Roth IRA and create value for you, tax-free. Some of you may even know more about it than I do. My guest, Jack, knows more about it, but you have to understand that this is a massive windfall. One of the cofounders of PayPal did this various strategy and it stood up in tax court because PayPal wasn’t a thing until the founders’ Roth owned it. It grew in value and it grew tax-free.

It’s not going to happen to me unless I’m sharing it with you. Have you ever known a thing to be true and it sits there in the back of your mind? I call it a psychic drag. You don’t know what you need to do about it. I met this outfit Aaron, he’s going to be one of my guests. Aaron and his crew hold all of the minutes for your organization or organizations. If you don’t have all the right paperwork, you can pierce the corporate veil. I knew that about sharing credit cards. We have strategies we teach you even on previous episodes about making sure your business is doing business things on business credit and personal doing business and narrow the twain shall meet.

Piercing The Corporate Veil

I come to discover that if you don’t hold minutes and the things that keep you a legal entity, shareholder meetings, by law updates, the corporate veil can be pierced. You may know more than I do. I’m sharing with you the revelations that I’ve been getting over the last little a bit because these are game-changers for me. Aaron and his crew call us up, me and Jessica, my business manager partner and we have this board of directors meeting. She types up all the minutes, holds the resolution, names the credit cards that we’re using on the personal and names on the business. All corporate things and sends us to put in our book the corporate minutes. She calls us up quarterly and holds these amazing meetings that take me five minutes, but I am bulletproof.

I want to share with you, no matter when you’re reading this, we don’t know what we don’t know. I’ve been doing business for a long time. I’m a genius but I’m not a genius at everything. There is real estate and the reset. Whether your notes, buying and holding, fixing, flipping, it doesn’t matter, are you prepared in case of a reset? One of the things that we’re going to be discussing in future shows is you got to know how to treat your credit. There’s a way to treat your borrower’s profile that’s going to allow you to create more flexibility and how to keep your credit lines intact if there’s a reset. Some of us were burned to death during 2008, 2009 and 2010.

AYF 56 | Saving On Taxes

Saving On Taxes: If you purchase shares of a corporation with a Roth IRA, it will grow tax-free in percentage because it started out as relatively worthless.


We’re committed to holding a strategy summit. Those of you who are students, clients, you know I live off of strategy sessions. You have strategy sessions with your team members and I believe in it. We’re going to hold a strategy summit and this is designed to incorporate a whole picture. We’re not doing little tiny pieces, but at the end of this summit, you’re walking out bulletproof. Source of funds, protect the funds, deploy the funds, and create a structure that is somewhere between asset protected or at least your entities are functioning in a way that they’re bulletproof. There’s more. This strategy summit is thrilled. Brad Burnett is my strategist.

He’s the one who’s looking six months or a year down the road and saying, “What do we need to plan now so that we can make that happen?” Brad delivered this and we announced it for the first time in our last boot camp. I wanted to come online. I’m so excited about what he’s put together that we come out of this summit completely bulletproof with marketing plans and deployment of capital in place and capital targets, all of it. We can create the time and money freedom which is the reason we do all this stuff anyway. Regardless of when you’re reading this, keep looking forward. Go to GetFundable.com. We’ll be notifying you and letting you know all of it.

We will have this date ready for you. I want to spend the time and energy necessary so that I can share with you next-level strategies for your fundability™ and acquisition of capital. All of these other people can at least educate me more. Come or don’t come, I am going to be there because there is so much more for me to learn as a business owner and entrepreneur. I don’t do anything myself without at least telling you what’s up. This is an awesome opportunity for me to reconnect with you. Be aware, good news. Live within your integrity. Do what it takes so that you have an amazing reputation so that the people who buy houses from you. The communities that you improve by doing your fixes, flips, your buys and holds of being a good landlord.

What you’re doing when it comes to your funding your businesses. Live from your integrity and word. There will become a critical mass where I have failed if you keep my word on numerous occasions. By and large, I only promise what I can deliver like a top drawer. That’s why Brad is taking his time to establish this summit so that we can do it right, well and we can make sure that everybody who attends. If you’re interested in the summit, do a shout out here. Send us info at GetFundable.com to keep you on the list for the summit. I’m thrilled that we can take our goodwill that we’ve developed and we can take all of that to the next level and take care of ourselves and our loved ones. I love you, guys. Stay in touch and we’ll be checking back in with you soon.

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