AYF 55 | Invest In Your Why


Why are you in the business that you’re in? Today, Merrill Chandler challenges us to fill our hearts with love by filling our time with our loved ones instead of the tech and gadgets all around us. This episode can act as a guide to discovering the why behind our desire to get more money and fulfill our financial dreams. Remember to always invest in your why and go back to those who are valuable to you and fill your soul with the love you deserve.

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When The Tech Doesn’t Matter

What Is Your “Why”?

I am glad that you have made it this far. We’re into the 50s episode-wise and I’m thrilled that you’re here. We’re going into the holiday season and I got some shit to talk to you about.

I’m here to tell you that we need to talk. First, what triggered this we share posts and Instagram accounts among my team, etc. I was going through my Instagram and Brad Burnett, you’ve seen him on half a dozen episodes already, my partner in Get Fundable and he had this little flowchart that he was sharing that was literally the answer to everything was be nice. It said, “Is someone’s stressing you out? Yes, no.” It’s a little flowchart, etc. and it says, “Be nice.” Is something happening? All these different examples and all these flowcharts and is someone disrespecting you? Is someone not showing up? Whatever it was, the solution in the middle was be nice.

What does that got to do with the holidays? Here’s the thing. I was out literally driving the same place I always go, headed to a restaurant that I love. There were 400% more cars on the road than there were a week ago. We all know it. Wherever you live, you could be in Muskogee, Oklahoma and there’s going to be four times the traffic as we ramp up to the holidays than any other time of the year. Unless it’s the 4th of July parade. It was crazy. I’m a Capricorn. For those of you who recognize your own signs, I’m a get-it-done guy. Checklists and productivity is my jam. I’m that way when I drive as well and I noticed that it started coming up inside of me that people were not driving as efficiently as they could. I’m being kind.

We’ve all run into them. We’ve all been behind them. We’ve all commuted in the same space with these drivers who are different than us, to be kind. I started to realize that I am expecting everyone else to act like me. I want everybody to be efficient. I don’t want somebody moseying along enjoying their life. I want them to be driven like I am driven. First of all, life takes all kinds. I ask you, why are you in the business that you’re in? Why are you a real estate investor? Why do you buy notes? Why do you have franchises? Why are you in the business that you’re in? As an entrepreneur, why are you doing what you’re doing? Why?

Some of us do it because we love what we’re doing. In fact, I saw a great movie where the guy was giving a speech and he starts out the speech says, “If you’re doing every day what you love, you will never work a day in your life.” I don’t know where the quote originally came from, but it was awesome. I love what I do. While I’m passionate about it, as you guys know, the question comes up. Am I nice about it? Am I kind? How do I treat my team members? How do I treat my clients? How do I treat people I’m driving behind? How do I show up? I know it’s cliché that we’re going into the holidays and I would say, “Let’s be nice to each other.”

I get it, but I want us to go to zero and explore. Remember in this episode, we’re not talking tech. We’re talking what is our ‘why’ behind our desire to get more money at the best rates and the most amounts we can get to fulfill our financial dreams. To accomplish our projects. Why are you doing it? If we lose sight of our why, then all of a sudden it becomes about, I’m the guy who knows, it’s all about our next checklist. It’s about the next flip. It’s about picking up that next franchise. What’s the next thing? We get heads down that we stop feeling deeply our why. When I have these moments, when I have these epiphanies like I had when I was driving behind the car triggered by Brad’s Instagram share. I’m like, “Why am I doing this?” I love it but loving it isn’t my ‘why.’

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I’m going to go through that exercise for me and I encourage you to go through that exercise for you. What are my ‘whys?’ Is that I love it when I’m talking to a live audience? I’ve learned from your feedback, from people who are sharing on the shows and things. I also know it happens when I can’t see your eyeballs. When I’m in a live audience, I love it when I watch the light go on like, “What did he say? Holy hell, what? That’s possible?” That moment I live and breathe and do everything I do for that moment inside of you. The great a-ha and you can have 2 or 3 of them per episode or per bootcamp or you can have dozens of them. I know that I love lighting up human beings, clients, students, team members, friends, family.

I love lighting up the soul of the human condition. To get that there’s more. To celebrate the wins, big or small, to celebrate the damn wins. I experienced, you guys will love this. I’m going to have my daughter on my show. I’ve shared her story and different parts of her story a number of different times, but I was excited because she’s a Millennial and we built her credit profile from the ground up from zero. When I asked her if she would like to be on my show to share her story as a young woman, married, two children and one amazing husband. They have a great life. I kid her like, “Sharon, you’re the parent that I always wanted to be,” when I watched them.

I don’t know if that hurts her feelings or she feels she missed out. When I reached out to her and asked her to be on my show, she was thrilled. She said that she was honored. We’ll get into that story more when she comes on. The thing is that’s a huge part of my ‘why’ is I’ve helped my children each in their own way along their own path understand how this game is played and create amazing results for themselves. My ‘why’ was seeing her light up. I’ll let her tell you what it was for her. I wanted her on my show and she was honored by that. How are we relating to our loved ones? Are we beating the crap out of them when they’re in our way to get our next item on the checklist done?

Are we angry at them? Are we stressed? What is their quality of life? We’re real estate investors and we got five flips to do this month, this quarter or this year. What are we doing? If you don’t remember what your ‘why’ is, then you will lose touch with your ‘why.’ How do I know? I have and I do. I’m going to challenge you on a Post-it Note, on a card, something on your mirror in your bathroom, somewhere you will look at every day, put your ‘why’ on that Post-it note and put the letter Y? Write down what it is. We say I want to build a legacy for my family, but our families would rather have time with us now than money from us later. There’s that. Are we letting our goals get in the way of our ‘why?’

There’s that proverbial question, “When I blank, I’ll spend time with my family. When I’m blank, I’ll spend time with my loved ones. When I’m blank, I’ll have all the kids over for dinner. Fill in the blank, when I’m successful, when I hit my million-dollar mark, when I finish this house or when I finish the grand opening for my new franchise.” When? We put it off. I don’t know about you, but I’m noticing that I keep getting older and I keep loving what I do but how often am I spending quality time with my loved ones? I’ll tell you something that was a blast for me. I raised my kids on Star Wars. We are all fans. If you saw our family text chain and my kids are bright. They are well-read. They write well. They’re great thinkers.

I’m proud of them, Sharon, Aaron and Melissa, a boy between the two girls. They are brilliant children. I’m blown away sometimes. On these texts they’re seriously doing plot analysis, character arc analysis and all these things about all the different Star Wars. Let me tell you what we’re doing. Here in Salt Lake City, the Larry H. Miller does on all the big franchises. They did it for Twilight. They did it for the Hunger Games. They did it for Harry Potter, but they have marathons up to the latest episode. Star Wars is coming out, The Rise of Skywalker and they sponsored 24 hours. You could buy a ticket. It was $99, 24 hours to watch all of the old ones and then on the release of the new Star Wars.

AYF 55 | Invest In Your Why

Invest In Your Why: Whether you are a little discouraged or under the weather, there is a way for you to get in touch with your why.


We got on it. It was sold out before I could even get our tickets for our family. What we decided to do is we’re having our own. Everybody’s coming over to my place. I’ve got a 60-inch monitor, the monitor that we use for all of our shows. I’m going to roll that out into the living room. All of the grandkids, everybody, we’re doing 24 hours on Christmas night, the 25th, through the 26th and then the 7:30 showing we’re going to. That’s my why. I don’t know, by hook or by crooked, it all happened to come into play and my kids were questioning what order to do it in. Do we do the chronological one? Do we do it the produced one? Whether or not to include Rogue One? Do we include the little out version? It’s amazing. That is my why.

Those conversations, that 24 hours of blazing through every single damn Star Wars that has ever been produced. What is your why? What is it that you love to do with your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, your friends, your ski buddy or whoever? Whatever your life is? What’s your why? What are you doing about it? I’m chastising myself because I haven’t done enough. Whether we’re going into a Christmas season or not, spend time with your loved ones and here’s what’s great. I promise you, it’s a cure-all. For some reason if you’re feeling lonely, if you’re feeling out of touch, if you are feeling you’re climbing a mountain that’s a little much for you to handle. I ask you, I beg you to call up Volunteer USA. Call up your local food kitchen. Here it’s St. Vincent’s. There’s a plate I can call to St. Vincent’s and I can go down there and I can feed and be part of the food line that feeds the homeless and those who are in the shelter.

What can you do to serve others and your heart will be filled? Whether you’re happy and mirthful and full of joy and passion and deliciousness or whether you’re a little down, a little discouraged or a little under the weather, there is a way for you to get in touch with your why. Usually, it means taking care of somebody who’s a little less favorable conditions than you are in. If you’ve got a roof over your head but you’re depressed out of your mind, then go serve. Go talk to and go love someone who doesn’t even have a roof over their head. I could say this in August and April, but I’m saying it now. Know your ‘why,’ invest in your ‘why’ with as much passion and fervor and checklist-ness as you invest in your goals to get your why. Invest in your why. Invest in your loved ones. Love the hell out of them.

I’ll send Instagrams of me with my tribe and share it with you in 24 hours. That’s what I’ll do. I’m going to record, send some Instagrams through that whole 24 hours at 3:00 in the morning. Here we are at each one of the movies as they begin. Find yours. Love your people. No matter how lowly you feel your station is in life, how discouraged you may be or how grand and glorious your station in life, find someone who is less fortunate than you and serve them. Love them, take care of them, do something for them. I promise, like the Grinch, your heart will grow three sizes too big. This is Merrill Chandler challenging you to fill your heart with love by filling your time with your loved ones. Have a beautiful morning, evening or afternoon. Bye.

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