AYF 27 | Failure Or Success


Have you ever wanted something so badly that when you are close to achieving it, you feel scared and anxious for the next chain of events? This is how Merrill Chandler feels as he is about to launch his upcoming book called The New F* Word. We can all relate to that feeling of excitement to show our achievement to the world, and yet at the same time fearful of the effects that success can bring to our life. Merrill’s book is for free, all you have to pay for is the shipping cost. This is part of his advocacy to impart knowledge for the greater good and help others achieve financial success.

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Fear Of Failure Or Success

On this one, I’m going to get real with you. I’ve got some things coming up for me that are total game-changers. I want to share with you where I am about it and how that may relate to you in your life, your funding life and what you’re trying to accomplish with your goals. If I seem not quite so loud and obnoxious, there’s a reason for it. I wanted to have a heart to heart. You may be bingeing the daylights out of this stuff because there’s so much awesome content. Let’s go over the why behind all of this.

I want to share with you an example of what’s been coming up for me. For those of you who’ve been bingeing, for all we know, my book’s been out for a couple of years by now, but I speak to you at this moment, my book is in the process of its final edits. It’s going to the printers and The New F* Word is coming out. Let me give you a little background behind this. I have been working on this book. It’s been in my head literally for many years. I wanted the concepts to be available ever since I came up with them while I was in prison. I thought of writing all this down and to get it out into the world, like the Bible to the fundability™ optimization experience. The movement, the revolution to make a level playing field between borrowers and lenders.

Where Rubber Meets The Road

The problem is that the closer I get to it, the more my fears are coming up. It’s almost a cliché. It’s a cliché that a fear of failure, fear of success and both those fears are present at the same time. I want to share with you my process and see if you can relate, see if it’s something that is meaningful to you as well. As I’ve written every chapter and then I have been editing, fine-tuning, fact-checking and making sure that every single assertion that I made is spot on with FICO, with Falcon software, with the data synchronizations with the credit bureaus. I’ve been doing more research than I have done because this is where the rubber meets the road. This is where the facts end up in your hot little hand.

Everything that I speak is true, has been true, but I haven’t brought up and reviewed all the documentation. Some things I know perfectly clear. FICO said, “We have transcripts of our interviews and conversations and meetings with the FICO teams.” Some of the things are my assertions right where I finished the revolving account section. To go through and literally footnote every little thing to make sure that the reader feels confident, feels safe in what I’m proposing, what FICO believes, what the lender software does. I want everything to be documented, not just true.

Money doesn’t problems, but money can assist #GetFundable Share on X

The closer I had gotten in every one of these chapters, I’ve noticed the higher and higher the anxiety level. I’ve stopped sleeping. Me and sleep, we have an amazing relationship. I never have a problem sleeping. Now I’m dreaming more. I wake up more often in the evening and I keep going to my counselors, to my team members and my partners in the business. I keep coming up against this wall. This book is a game-changer. It changes the entire playing field, the entire relationship between borrowers and lenders and that’s what I set out to do. That’s what I want to do, but all of a sudden I start confronting the idea that is, are borrowers ready for that much power?

Are lenders ready to partner up? Are they ready to select this in the draft? I know they make money when they lend, so I do all the math, the dominoes are all in play, but has this ever happened to you were something that you’ve been working on for a minute, that you’re committed to, that you’re devoted to? This had been my passion play for years and it’s finally here. You can go right now and depending on when you’re reading this, you preorder your copy at GetFundable.com and then click on Merrill’s Book. It doesn’t have anything else. It just says Merrill’s book. I love what’s in there.

I report to my team every single week at the end of the weekend, which is where I do my work. I report to my team my experience and what’s happened. This book is going to be the training, the first part of the training of every single fundability™ advisor that we bring on board. It is humbly, arrogantly or whatever the word is. It’s amazing. I finally love being able to put into writing what I know, what I believe, what I assert, what my experience has been, the gobs and gobs of successes that we’ve had, but the anxiety is there. What does failure look like? Do I put it out there? Get one. They’re free, but you pay for shipping, but they’re free. I want it out there. I don’t want it to cost me to get it in your hands. If you handle shipping, I will handle the cost of the book. What does failure look like? One hundred sixty people get it. I get a few thumbs up. Is the market ready for it? Are borrowers and lenders ready to play nice with each other? This is what I’m up against. What is a failure? What happens if I fail? What happens if this is not a thing?

The fear of success. Everybody who has even heard the title of the book, The New F* Word people look at this. The insider secrets behind the art and science of being fundable. They read them. They’re like, “Yes. This is a thing, Merrill.” I’m like, “I want it to be a thing. I believe it deserves to be a thing.” Not because of me, but because I want people to know what’s in the pages. I want people’s lives to change because they can now fill out an application the right way and report on that application true things shaped and framed in a way that lender’s software can understand it and approve you. Fear of success. I’m already busy as an MF. I’m sitting here going, “What happens if the people want to interview me for the book? What happens if it catches on?”

AYF 27 | Failure Or Success

Failure Or Success: People’s lives can change if they can fill out an application the right way and report on that application true things framed in a way that the lender’s software can understand it.


The title alone coming from an ex-con is already disruptive so what happens if it catches on? Do I have the disposition, the will? I have the energy, but will I represent it well? Readers, subscribers, borrowers, will I represent you well? Can I give you the tools? Is it written well enough so that you can implement it? If it’s vastly successful in being purchased, will you do something with it? What happens if funding goes up, lender profits go through the roof and borrower opportunities go through the roof? What happens if this is a fricking revolution? I have my fears about that too.

Fear Of Failure Versus Fear Of Success

Where do you fear your failure? Where do you fear your successes? The thing that hurts my heart is they’re the same thing. My book can fail, my book can succeed, but I’m afraid of both and it pisses me off. Generally, that comes down to a place deep in our hearts, deep in our souls where there’s some little hole in our soul that success validates or failure validates. Interestingly enough, many of us would rather be right than happy. Being right means it failed because I’m not good enough at doing what needs to be done to be a national bestseller or I’m right that it is a thing and it’s going to be awesome. Is my happiness based on its success or failure? Do I become more of a person if it fails or succeeds?

The question is, where am I in my equilibrium? Am I prepared for either one of those outcomes? Where does this fear of success, fear of failure land in your life? Do you take down a home? You’re a real estate investor. You take down a property, the numbers all look good. Maybe you’ve succeeded in the past, maybe you’ve flopped and failed in the past. How do we deal with our fear? Me, I’m a bull in a china shop. I muscle through like, “I will succeed.” That’s a whole lot of effort and a whole lot of expenditure of energy rather than a simple, elegant and effortless walking into whatever happens.

I know that I’ve done my best. I know when it hits Amazon, when it hits your mailbox, when it’s mailed to you, I do know with all of my heart that I’ve done my best. I hope, I pray that my best is good enough for you because I want your life to be different, even if it’s from one little section of that entire book. I hope that every page has something that is going to give you an opportunity to expand your business, expand your personal financial well-being so that you can provide for you and your loved ones even more opportunities. Where are you afraid of failing? Where are you afraid of succeeding? There are two sides of the same coin and I’ve been doing this for many years. I’ve gone through three recessions and the Great Depression of 2008.

The greater the risk, the greater the potential of reward #GetFundable Share on X

I will be continuing to do this because I am devoted to this. I am here if you need help in becoming more fundable and making so that you are not stepping on the landmines that halt all of your financial progress. To show lenders the truth of your situation so that they fund you and they believe in you by funding you. I’m committed to you to make this happen. In my book, in my shows, in the bootcamps, coaching every way in which I can. I want to be available to you so that you are not afraid at least of not having the resources to fulfill your dream.

When I look at the thousands of students and clients over the years that we’ve been able to work with, I sit here and I proudly regale having I think over in almost $100 million in these funding and how we’re establishing a higher and higher baseline for your success. There are so many times, so many letters, so many emails that I’ve received, comments on Facebook or in our Funding Hackers groups or etc. It brings tears to my eyes. I have the biggest heart. I’m a yeller. I’m a screamer. I’ll shout down liars, cheaters and thieves, but my heart is in the right place. When someone sends me an email that says what their life was before they encountered this process and what it’s turned into as a result of it, I want millions of people to be able to have that same experience.

I want you as an entrepreneur, I don’t know your background. This is entrepreneurs, real estate investors, note buyers, businessmen, businesswomen, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies all read, all want to know how they can do better in their personal lives. They may be running $1 billion company, you would not know how much this is true. Running $1 billion company and their personal finances, they spend as much as they earn and in their hearts and souls, they’re hurting financially at a personal level, but they’re geniuses in growing their businesses.

We all have that little Achilles heel. All of us have that weak point in our lives, that area that has always perplexed us or we’re dragging around with this like an anchor that we cannot seem to get rid of. I’m not one to say that money solves problems, but I do know that money can assist. It can leverage us out of holes. If done the right way, if it’s smart money, if it’s inexpensive money, if it’s the right move, then it gives us more opportunities. That’s all it is. It’s a facilitator. The thing is that requires that we take a chance on our personal funding lives, on our business funding lives. I am taking a massive chance at failure many years into this gig by finally putting it in print. I’m totally taking a chance at this not being a thing when I’ve held it as this glorious opportunity to change these dynamics between borrowers and lenders, but I’m not okay with not doing it.

AYF 27 | Failure Or Success

Failure Or Success: Fear of success is as debilitating as fear of failure.


Risk Versus Reward

There’s that risk-reward thing. The greater the risk, the greater the potential of reward. On the other end of that spectrum, there is not taking a chance, holding our smallness, holding mediocrity, holding a place in us that is not enough and operating from that fear as well. In this, you and I, we get to make a stand together. I’m making a stand. I don’t know if it’s true for other authors, but this is my first. Some women finish their fifteenth book and everybody grabs their stuff because it’s so awesome. They don’t have that fear. I do. I have never published. I haven’t even aspired to be an author. I’ve aspired to figure out a way to get this tech into everybody’s hands. We’re even developing an app, so you don’t need a book. You’d just run your phone and move through fundability™ and it does all the heavy lifting for you. That’s still another months or another year out.

This book is a game-changer for me, putting it into the world. It’s a huge risk because I don’t know how it’s going to land. What is a huge risk for you in your business, in your relationship with your spouse or your partner? What is a risk for you? What is the reward by taking that risk? I had one of my super meaningful relationships. We always have breakdowns and breakthroughs. When you’re in the middle of a breakdown, you don’t know that a breakthrough is even possible. Isn’t that true with our businesses, our employees, our managers, our partners, our loved ones and our beloveds? When we’re confronted with that breakdown, it feels like there’s no hope or no possibility and we have failed. If we hold fast, if we make a stand, if we choose with our hearts to be willing to grow, be willing to step out into the fire of their wrath or the marketplace or even the credit bureaus, FICO and the lenders, in the case of my book.

If we’re willing to take a stand and stand up and say, “I’m done playing small, I’m done with those choices that make me mediocre or less relevant.” I’ve been yelling and excited, but it is important for you to get to know me better as well. You have been giving me feedback. I love it when you make notes on the episodes. Give me a comment. Tell me what’s up. I want to know what’s up for you. One of my partners, Brad, said, “Merrill, you’re blowing them away with awesome content. We’ve got content for years. Are you letting them get to know you? Are you letting them in? Are you letting them see the truth of your day-to-day?” When I get up at 4:00 in the fricking morning on Saturday to write my book so that I can give you the best possible opportunities in your financial and funding life, I’m also there by myself in the dark and sometimes I’m scared of the outcome.

I ask you to join me while we forged through our fears. Fear of success is as debilitating as fear of failure. I know the book is not a success yet. I pray that it’s so only because that represents you’re referring it to your friends and your family, and it’s making a difference or you wouldn’t share it. God speed. God bless you in your endeavors. Next time I’ll probably be a spaz again, but I wanted to share with you a little bit about what’s going on behind the scenes as we get the book out to you and get everything ready. I wish I knew you personally, but for whatever reason, there is a connection because I’m willing to go to this place inside of me because you’re willing to read. You’re willing to take a stand for your life and you’re willing to experience more and greater things for you and your loved ones. Be well.

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