AYF 114 | Leveling Up


2020 has been a challenging and depressing year for most people. With all the losses and failures, 2021 is being set as a brand new stage for leveling up. Merrill Chandler invites everyone to end the year on a high note and push the boundaries around us, especially those imposed upon our motivation and goals due to the pandemic. He focuses his discussion on gathering all the energy in making December the most rewarding year-ender we could ever have, setting the tone for a much more successful 2021. Merrill also shares his powerful reminders for the coming year, all available at www.GetFundableBusinessChecklist.com.

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Leveling Up: Ending The Month, Quarter, & Year At The Top Of Your Game

Year-End Business Planning Series: Part 3

We are going to be talking about part three of Year-End Preparation: How to End 2020 On A High Note.

This will my last show for 2020. I want to end it with a bang, not just a bang, a shebang because this is part three of How to Take Advantage of The Last Quarter to Be The Diving Board? Be ready to launch into 2021. Let’s take a step back. 2020 has been crazy. That may have impacted you positively or negatively, but one way or the other, everything is different from how lenders are lending. Everybody is wearing a mask, everybody is trying to pivot their business to take advantage of every one of us that are still at home. We trying to maintain our focus and stay isolated as we protect ourselves from this pandemic. That has been a boon and beneficial to some. It’s been the bane of other’s existence. I’ve given you checklists. Go to GetFundableBusinessChecklist.com to be able to download. Check-in the show notes for that. We have provided many powerful reminders.

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Level Up

What we’re delivering there is for you to take a look, not just at your finances, not just to prepare your books for your account or tax people. It is preparing your team, heart, body, and mind to be successful in the oncoming year. Now that we’ve handled all that, that’s all preparation. Part three is I have one message for the end of 2020, let’s a level up. Let’s end hard and fast. Let’s create a massive win. What do we mean by that? You, me, every one of us, one degree or another, and this is a one-note song. My Facebook Lives, my client coaching calls, everything I’m doing is making sure that I communicate this message. Why? Because it’s been powerful and inspiring to me. It was handed to me.

AYF 114 | Leveling Up

Leveling Up: Prepare your team, heart, body, and mind to be successful in the oncoming year.


Nick Long, one of my mentors in multiple clubs, nailed me between the eyes with this thought. I’ve been guilty of the majority of the years of the last couple of decades. I’ve been a slut for the last many years. I haven’t done anything, but what it takes to move a mouse and plug in a computer for physical fitness for several years. One of the things Nick asked me what is my tendency to let the last 2 to 3 weeks? Some people go from even Thanksgiving and the entire month of December. It’s like, “The schedule is different. We don’t have a single week that’s pure work without some family gathering, parties, plans for a company party,” all those things, change it up. I was guilty and I’m going to put it out there that in one way or another, you and I are right there together.

In the past, I have let the last 2 to 3 weeks of 2020 coast. I’ve had less of a schedule because I wanted to coast, not because I was taking care of myself. Let’s be clear. I use the metaphor in another situation. It’s like letting the air out of a balloon. December fades away. It fizzles for many of us. Not in 2020. In 2020, we are ending powerfully. We are ending on a high note. We’re ending at the top of our game, not at the bottom of our game. We’re ending with the best sales month ever or better than December 2019. Whatever you’re doing, we are finishing the projects on a powerful note, rather than just coasting. How do we do that?

If you want to check out at 10:30 for the next 21 days, including Christmas day, I’m going to be doing a Facebook Live on Get Fundable, CreditSense, Funding Hackers and Momentum Mastermind. In all my channels that am going to ask you how you’re going to end that day powerfully at the top of your game. Giving it more than you’ve ever gotten, because here’s the thing, you know as well as I do, whether they happen often or not, you know it’s true. There are times when you finish out strong on a day and then all of a sudden, you’re like, “I feel amazing. I’m going to go to the gym. I’m going to do a project in the house. I’m going to call my children and we’re going to have dinner.”

When you finish your day powerfully, you are recycling energy up to do more in your quality of life. If you’re like me, and I know I’m not alone in the universe, there might be one other person. I know that if you wind down the day on a low energetic note, I’m losing the air in the balloon, I go to the kitchen to find something bad for me to eat. I end up watching Netflix or watching a movie. My energy continues to go down from the moment I left work. What I’m after for you now, part three of how to kill it in your year-end preparations is to end in a sprint and at the top of your game. If you’re reading this any time soon from now until December 31st, 2020, you can count on me meeting you at 10:30 Mountain Time on any one of my social channels, let’s talk because I’m going to tell you how I’m ending my game that day. If we end every day on a high note, then that means we end our week going, “I nailed this week. I killed it. I crushed it energetically. I do 3 or 4 weeks of that and I end my month. In this month, I happened to end my year on a high note.”

What does that do for you when you walk in 2021? You’re like, “I feel amazing about myself,” rather than that internal voice, that where I’m having like, “It’s a new year, time to set my goals, time to get ready, time to move forward.” You’re coming out of the doldrums. I don’t know how you celebrate, be at home with your loved ones, watching a movie, you could be out cocktail parties, dancing, having fun, whatever it is. Imagine that celebration when you crush it from now until the end of the month, every day. I even gave the challenge to my team.

AYF 114 | Leveling Up

Leveling Up: In 2020, be sure to end on a high note.


We have a team huddle every morning and I’m asking them for the last three weeks of December 2020, “I want to know how you’re ending your day. What project? What activity?” It could be a meeting, but how are you going to show up in that meeting such that when you get off the phone, you feel like a freaking superhero. Let’s say you’re doing data entry on a client file, how are you going to do it? How are you going to approach that goal? Are you going to do an extra one? Are you going to lean in a little bit more, do a little bit extra before you leave so that you end on a high note? I’m asking every one of my team members to tell me what it is they’re going to do.

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Going The Extra Mile

Push the boundaries, do more than is required of you. The good book calls it going the extra mile, but it’s always when you do more than what is required of you. If my team does one more client call than is on their schedule, that ratchets up your energy. If you sweep out the garage, you’re prepping the house for your flip and you said, “I’m going to sweep out the garage today instead of next week.” I promise you at the end of that, you didn’t have to do it. You chose into it and because you chose into it, you’re now in the extra mile. You’re now feeling better about yourself than you did if you would have said, “I finished all the things I needed to do this week. I decided to do one more thing.”

When you do that one more thing, everything changes. You start being more positive, higher energy, and more powerful as a human being in that last activity, that extra mile, that going one step further. Mine is we’re converting our entire program over onto a client portal. I’m excited about it. I have a work meeting with my database programmer, and I am thrilled that that’s going to be a high energy meeting for me because we’re almost ready for beta. We wanted it to be in beta by the New Year 2021. I’m three weeks ahead of that schedule.

This meeting is one more thing where we’re ahead. We’re doing that extra mile. We’re going further, faster. You need to pick something. You’re reading this while you walk, choose something now, what does the day look like at the end? It doesn’t matter even what it is. Do one more thing that is being required of you. Lean into that one more thing and it was going to change your afternoon, evening, and your life. Join me at 10:30. It will be on Facebook, I’ll be on getting a Fundable Facebook page. Ask me a question during that little thing. I’ll challenge you then.

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Coaching Slots

AYF 114 | Leveling Up

Leveling Up: When you finish your day powerfully, you recycle energy to do more in your quality of life.


Whatever your day ends like, do one more thing. I swear, we’re going to crush it each day, this week, this month. We will end 2020 more powerfully and more beautifully than we ever imagined. One of those things that are going to be super awesome for this is we have a couple of slots left for coaching before the end of 2020. Here’s the good news, because our payment plans are a private agreement between the two of us, then if you sign up for coaching, you get to write the entire price of coaching off in 2020. If you’re leaning in the direction of walking with me, my team and having down this findability path, getting customized solution coaching, you’ve got to give us a call at Info@CreditSense.com. Chime in an email and she will schedule a planning session with you and see how to best solve your findability challenges.

We’re in charge of how we end in 2020. I would love for you to join me on this findability path. We are one client away from a thousand funded clients since 2015. I am happy about how we’re ending in 2020. I invite you to join to level up your organization, family, relationship, and be a part of crushing it at the end of 2020. We’re going to be having a celebration of our 1,000th client who’s funded. I want you to get your share of business fundings, of funding approvals that are the result of you taking charge of everything that’s on your borrower behaviors and buyer profile.

This is the time. Let’s do it. I invite you to come and join me. It has been a pleasure for this whole year of 2020. We’re at 100-plus episodes now, and we’re going strong. I invite you to stay, keep bingeing, keep watching, keep loving us, come to the boot camp if you haven’t joined. Anything you engage with us, write it off before the end of 2020. Go to GetFundableBootCamp.com and GetFundableBook.com. Come and join this wild, crazy, and awesome opportunity to fund your dreams with other people’s money. Let’s finish strong.

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