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Many entrepreneurs get too caught up in the systems and processes of the business that they tend to forget the mental side of it. However, as William Lam believes, your business will only be as unlocked as your mind is. It will not live up to its full potential until your mind begins to get there. In this episode, he joins host Merrill Chandler to talk about why mental training is very important and, at the same time, celebrate a milestone as Merrill’s 1000th client funded. William takes us across his journey to fundability™, having his score plunge down and getting it back up. As a Head Trainer specializing in mental performance training, William has the tools to help business owners, investors, and other high performers ascend to the next level by programming their minds, changing their micro behaviors, and unconscious thinking patterns. He shares some of those with us, adding a layer to our knowledge by optimizing not only our fundability™ but also our brains in the process.

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Celebrating A Milestone: 1,000th Client Funded! An Interview With William Lam

I have got one of my favorite clients and one of the most successful men that I know personally. He is going to be sharing with us some of the keys to entrepreneurial achievement. It’s going to blow your mind because this is cool stuff. I’ll be joined by William Lam. He is going to share with us his relationship with funding, what he does in the world, how he makes a difference, and how he leverages all this great juju for the good of his community and the world.

I want to introduce you to William Lam. He is my guest here. If you don’t already know him by name, you’re going to know him soon by reputation. A little bit about him and he’s going to fill in the blanks in his own words. There is so much that we’re going to be talking about. First of all, William specializes in mental performance training. He helps business owners, investors and other high-performers ascend to the next level by pre-programming their mind, changing their micro behaviors. It sounds familiar in the Get Fundable universe, changing one’s behaviors and changing unconscious thinking patterns. Welcome, William. I am honored to have you here with me on a number of levels, what you’re offering the world. You’ve slated it as a Get Fundable client. Tell us a little bit more, go into a more depth of what you do out there and how you are changing lives through this.

One of the biggest challenges a lot of business owners experience is cash flow. Share on X

I’m humbled by this interview. First off, I want to thank you and your team for helping me in this journey. With what I’ve been able to do with you guys, it has freed up my mind, my mental state to be able to focus on what I do. That’s been tremendously helpful. I’m very grateful for that. I don’t know if we have enough time for me to say the good things that I’ve experienced with you. I’ll introduce myself briefly. As you know, my name is William Lam. My specialty is we work with individuals that are already doing decently well but not really well, and taking them to a whole new level.

Oftentimes, what happens is sometimes we can get our minds to do what we want. Sometimes we seem to struggle. Sometimes it will perform well. Sometimes it underperforms or even self-sabotage. That unpredictability or inconsistency is not only hated by entrepreneurs and business owners, but no one likes it. What we do is to create that actual predictability by automation. A lot of people out there will spend a lot of money, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands if not millions building their business, investing in their business. It’s very important.

They spend money in training. They spend money on automating the business, all very important. At the same time, what we have found with the business owners that we have worked with, as well as Olympic athletes and pro-football, a number of different high performers. What we have found is that your business will only be as unlocked as your mind is. It will not live up to its full potential until your mind begins to get there. That’s what we specialize in. We help people program away the barriers and the resistance within the mind so that they can completely unleash who they are.

AYF 119 | Funded Client

Funded Client: Your business will only be as unlocked as your mind is. It will not live up to its full potential until your mind begins to get there.


When we first met, it was under the guise of fundability™. The more we talked, it was like, “This sounds like automatic underwriting for the mind.” You want to take it out of the manual. I’m going to wheel my way to the top of the hill. I’m going to manually do all of this stuff. Our performance goes up and down. It’s not predictable. FICO is all about predictive analytics. What have they done? They have taken out all that manual stuff and got it so they can trust the automatic underwriting process to the tune of higher funding.

What you’re telling me is that we as business owners, entrepreneurs, and my readers can trust their performance in their business, lives and families. It is also more predictable if they automate the process. Isn’t that hilarious? I help borrowers change their behaviors so that they can fit underwriting guidelines and you change behaviors so that they can change the results in their family, relationships, businesses. I’m sitting there going, “We have the exact same mission.” Mine is more in the financial realm, even though you help with finances or help them leverage better with mind and their personal power. I thought that was crazy. To have everybody on an even footing here, tell us about your journey with Get Fundable, your experience in the bootcamp, the clients, and how you got here in my tribe. I then want to explore how you’re affecting the world later.

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It was a delightful experience. I remember I was in a meeting one evening and it’s a casual networking type of meeting. I found myself meeting Merrill. He was invited into the circle. I could instantly tell that he was a badass. I don’t think I can say any other word. He showed up and I was like, “This is the man.” I didn’t know anything about Merrill. He didn’t waste any second. He dove right into what mattered in our conversation. He began to share some of the things he did. I’m not kidding you, within seconds, I was like, “I need Merrill in my life.”

At that point, I wasn’t exactly sure how I would be able to synergize with Merrill. I wasn’t sure if I want to instantly become one of the clients or if I could help him on other things because I have some software guys that can automate certain things. I contemplated and I play with different options. Eventually, I was like, “I need to hire their team.” If I want to be able to truly focus on what I do best, I need someone like Merrill on my team to help me, and his team on my side to help me create this perfect profile. It might be hard to say that there’s something perfect, but I feel like because of what his team and what he’s done for me and my personal profile. From small things to big things, what they have taught me have been amazing.

I need to backtrack a little bit. I went to their bootcamp. I already talked to Merrill on the phone. I asked Merrill, “How do I work with you? How can I work with you? How can I have your time?” He gave me a few options and I immediately knew I need to go all-in. For those of you who may be reading and pondering, “Should I go all in right now?” Between the time that you started thinking about it until the time you finished thinking about it, Merrill and his team will already have done wonders for you. Get started as quickly as possible. That was my experience. I got started and immediately their team taught me things.

I could have spent another 500 years on this Earth. If I had never talked to Merrill, I may have never figured this out. I would have been at a disadvantage in my business life. As much as I knew how to automate my mind and other behaviors, and a number of other things, we need coaches that do well, but even then, most people don’t know what Merrill and his team knows. I’m talking about people doing 7, 8, 9, even 10 digits, not knowing what Merrill knows. To me, not only was it impressive as I started working with them, now that I can speak from experience, I was like, “My faith and my trust in their team has been validated.”

AYF 119 | Funded Client

Funded Client: When we go for what we need instead of what we want, our mind will be trained to underperform.


Can you give an example? Your business is your business. I don’t want to out you, but one of the transactions you were working on was a high-dollar amount where your team step-by-step was able to help take the measures and the introductions that people and other teams, even outside of us and create an amazing win. I don’t know if you care to share about it, but give me an example of a phenomenal win. Besides his genius, part of the reason why William is with us is he is my 1,000th client funded. I’ve told you guys every business should have one number that drives the business. It’s not your sales number. It’s not your gross revenue.

Every business should have a number that takes into account all the efforts of every number in the business. Mine is clients funded. If I get a bunch of clients and they don’t get funding, I’m not in my integrity. If we get tons of funding, but we don’t get very many clients, then we may not survive long as a business. My number is clients funded and William is the 1000th client funded. I’m proud that was our cause to get here. I applaud our team, but I applaud you because this show happens to tick off so many cool boxes. Can you share with us what brought you to being that 1,000th client funded? The challenges of it and then the win of it.

I’ll tell you a funny story. I’ve had like a perfect payment history until 2019, end of the year, I forgot to pay a $15 payment. I thought I had paid it, but the statement come out a day after. Long story short, I thought I paid off the card so I didn’t even look at it. Thirty days later, I got a notice on myFICO app and I was like, “What’s going on?” They didn’t even call me, nothing happened. I was like, “What? I thought I paid it off.” It was very perfect. I had thought about, “I need to work with Merrill and his team.” That popped up.

I don’t even know what I’m doing. I missed $15. I have $200,000 worth of credit yet I missed $15 and they dropped my score so much. I’m like, “Merrill, please save me. How do I even do this?” They walked me through and gave me great confidence. Day one, immediately, they dove in and went to work. Very quickly as we continue and I found that one of the most important things was to get my credit, all of the small things. From when I pay my bills down to zero to also making sure that I’m reporting the right names, and all the microscopic things that make big differences.

A lot of people will go for what they need, even when they are fully aware of what they want. Share on X

His team helped me through every single step. That was tremendously helpful because some of these things make sense. If you guys go to bootcamp, it makes sense, but it’s all the more easier when you have a team of experts helping you do it. As I did that, the process was smooth. It wasn’t like teaching a child how to fly. It was easy. As we kept going, they identified, “If you do this and do this, for example, your mortgage, you’ll have an easy time getting car loans.” They have been tweaking my personal side of things and optimizing everything. I could get specific, but there were like a thousand things. Now we’re onto the next chapter.

They got me qualified the best mortgage refinanced through their introduction. They helped me fine tune my profile so I was able to once again qualify for the cars I needed for my business. My wife got ourselves an RV with her credit, first-time application. It was effortless. I can’t say it’s one thing or another, it was all of those things that pile up and added together that made the big difference. I’m excited because we’re about to hit another next level of success with you guys.


The next level is moving from personal because we dialed in the mortgage and auto loan. We’ve got everything tight there. Now we’re going to leverage that. Everybody who binges the show know that it is moving like sighting in a gun. The scatter group, you want to tighten up until we’re both on the bulls-eye. We’re fundable on the bulls-eye on the personal. Now it’s time to start building those banking relationships and creating those credit lines, business loans, commercial loans. That’s our next play. I’m thrilled. Give me an idea then what your plans are or how you have been able to reduce your psychic drag. That’s my term, not yours, but how do you reduce psychic drag now that you’ve got your personal profile firing on all cylinders and you’re ready to leverage? Using your language and your high-performance optimization, how does that help you in becoming a better entrepreneur, business owner, man, husband, family man?

One of the biggest challenges that a lot of business owners experience is cashflow but also energy flow in an even bigger picture. That energy flow can come in so many ways like, for example, our personal energy, when we get up in the morning, are we excited and motivated? When we get to the business, we’re excited, passionate, and motivated to do work. Is the cashflow flowing? If the cashflow may be slower or faster, all of us who experienced 2020 may feel one way or another. Regardless if we have a business credit that’s reliable because we have an awesome personal profile, it’s a lot less stress off the business owner’s mind. It’s a lot easier to think, “If I need to tap into my credit, I could. If I need to go and make this purchase, this investment in my business so that I can grow exponentially, I could.”

Instead of being confused and unaware of what to do. That was where I was. I was good at doing what I did and we were doing fine business-wise. At the same time, there were months I spent a lot of money in building the training, hiring people, paying for equipment or different things. I’m like, “What am I going to do if I need a little bit more money to invest?” I would say in Merrill’s term, the psychic drag has been dramatically reduced by knowing and having the confidence that my business, regardless of what happens, have the sustainable credit that supports it.

AYF 119 | Funded Client

Funded Client: If you’re going for what you don’t even feel good about, then your mind has no reason to feel good about what you’re doing.


Leveraging that, give me a 3, 4 or 5, whatever will help our readers to understand some things like, how do we optimize our minds? What is the principle? If somebody says, “I need to talk to William. As I’m optimizing my fundability™, I want to optimize my brain and behavior because I’m already in the habit of it.” A to Z, how would you help somebody? Just the ice caps because it’s a very deep question, but what are the main tenets that somebody would need to know that this behavior optimization and high-performance training would be useful to them and their business. I can get them money, but what are they going to do? How they implement it? I tell them all the time, “I can help you get the money, but I don’t know if I’m putting the gun in the hand of a two-year-old.” How do you make sure that they know how to shoot that gun?

A lot of what we do is identifying first where we are and where we want to be. When it comes to get funded, we need to know where our profile is, where we want to be, and the goals. Nowadays, we do a lot of trainings. People from all walks of life were able to gain access to our training. Whereas it used to be a lot more exclusive. Even now, we still don’t advertise, not at this point. We have kept it very much referral because the number of clients that have come to us versus the number of coaches and people that we have, we feel comfortable having.

First, we identify where we are and where we want to be. Second, we create a profile of the individual’s mental map. We understand where they are right now. That map is a reference of where they are in life. Now that map may contain beliefs, things that they believe about themselves. For example, a business owner may come to us and this is under a very honest, open conversation type of situation. We would ask them, “How much do you feel that you deserve to make a year?” The first numbers that come to mind or the numbers that stick, they may say, “It’s $500,000 a year.” If their goal is $1 million, they will hit what they believe they deserve no matter how smart, how strategic, how hard they work. For a lot of people, maybe they’re doing $100,000, $80,000, but they want to hit $400,000. It’s the same thing.

We’ve worked with people that are doing 7, 8, 9 figures and they’re like, “I want to get into the ten-plus numbers.” It’s the same thing, what do you believe do you deserve? In that mental map, there’s the beliefs and what’s important to them like values, decisions they’ve made in the past. When I was a kid, I remember my parents bought a TV and I’m like, “Mom, we must be well-off. We have a brand new, huge TV, 21-inch. Can I tell my friends?” She’s like, “Don’t you dare. If you tell your friends or anyone, if you tell people you’re wealthy, people will take your money away.” Clearly, that’s a terrible and limiting belief. At that point, she was in her twenties. I was a little kid. I didn’t know what to believe. I believed her. She was my mother.

If you train your mind to go for what it wants, you are also building what you believe you deserve. Share on X

I’d asked her now if she believed that and she’d laugh. She’s like, “What are you talking about? Why would I ever say that to you?” For my whole life, I took that belief into my unconscious and I actualized it. For a period of my life, until I discovered it, I make money, spend it or spend it before I had money, which is a terrible behavior for building credit. I did that over and over well into my twenties. Until one day, I was in training in these trainings that we teach. At that point, I was being trained. My wife was being trained at the same time with me. She’s like, “I noticed you spent a lot of money before you collect or as soon as you collect. When did you decide that?”

That moment I was about to say, “I don’t know.” I was almost feeling a little resistant. I was feeling resistance to answer her. Instantly the memory flashed before my eyes. It was that when I was five, my mother told me that. I got rid of it. Ever since it was easy for me to accumulate wealth. We find that map of where they are. We get rid of anything that’s limiting. We install resources because there are no unresourceful people, only unresourceful state. We teach them how to program emotional states that are sequential.

Instead of feeling bored and then go do nothing, they feel frustrated and they feel guilty about not doing anything. It lets you program, for example, as soon as they get bored, they get excited, they get motivated. They then get stuff done. They feel rewarded and fulfilled. The emotions can all be programmed sequentially. It’s almost like you can automatically feel whatever emotion you want. We program a number of different paths. You either feel good or you feel even better. We observed the behavioral change and then we calibrate based on that. Finally, we solidify the programming and the individuals off to the races more.

I like to think that most of us reading, all of you out there in my tribe, we talk about living a deliberate life, not a reactive life. I celebrated my 60th birthday. I’ve been around the sun a few times. Some of us had to do it the hard way. If working with call it technology, enlightenment, insight, I’ve paid some dear prices that all my tribe knows for having to stumble my way through deliberate living. Yet here you are in my view, a very astute youngster, having all of these resources to be able to come to bear so that in your 20s, 30s, 40s, you’re not waiting until you are 40, 50 and 60 to learn it the hard way.

It’s like going to school to climb the face of El Capitan. A few years ago, somebody free climbed the entire damn thing without a rope. Now we’re climbing 2,000-foot cliffs without a rope because it was there. Talk to me about leverage. Using the order of this process, how does someone leverage that into three-dimensional, hardcore business results? Maybe even some examples about clients or people who’ve done this model. How did that translate into an improved mind, body and spirit in business and the world?

I’ll give a disclaimer first. This is not financial advice or legal advice of any sorts. What I’m about to share is a quick, easy to implement, everyone can do it version. We have a full-blown step-by-step in detail in our training. One of the easiest ways to put it is to think of what you want in life, what you need, and what you’ll settle for. A lot of times, people know what they want, at least briefly or in small quantities. A lot of people will go for not what they want, but what they need. Think about what our parents told us. Our parents have gone through however many years. There are wars throughout the world. There are different things that happen. Therefore, they taught their kids. They taught their kids and their kids.

AYF 119 | Funded Client

Funded Client: If we can collectively get more people to focus on what they want, we literally are changing society as a whole.


What we have learned is a lot of people will go for what they need even when they are fully aware of what they want. Some people are even too scared to think about what they want. There’s even a good chunk of the population that won’t even go for what they need. They’ll go for what they’ll settle for. If we were to look at this simply, putting things into three categories, what we’ll find is if we say what we want and people say, “There’s nothing wrong for not getting what you want, just getting what you need.” The problem is, if you tell your mind, which is magnificent, it’s like a machine from the future. It could do anything. If we tell our mind this is what we want and then this is what we’re going to go for, which is what we need, your mind will be trained to underperform. When the mind naturally is trained to underperform, next time someone says, “I want $100,000.” They get $50,000 because their mind knows exactly how much they need. There’s the group that’s like, “I’m going to go for settling for what I can have, what I can get. I’ll take what I can get.” They may only get $10,000 and they wonder why someone else who’s no smarter than them, who doesn’t even work as hard as they do are now making 5, 10 times more money.

It’s the misunderstanding that drives sometimes greed and jealousy. When we begin to understand, it’s simple training. If you identify what you want in your life, business, relationships and get funding goals, instead of pushing for what you just need. For example, you know you can settle for going to the bootcamp, but instead you know you need to work with Merrill’s team. Even better, what you want is to have them do the special service where they do it for you. You go for it. You go all the way. That’s where I recommend. You train your mind to go for what you want.

This is another example. You could go to a restaurant. For $2 more, you can get the meal you want, but you’re like, “No, I’ll save $2 here and there, I’ll save $20.” What you didn’t know is if you train your mind to go for what it wants, you are also building what you believe you deserve. We make how much we believe we deserve. You should spend every opportunity persuading yourself that you deserve massively awesome abundance, whatever you call it, great wealth.

That’s a simple tool. You can write down lists of what you want, what you need, what you settle for, and observe yourself how often do you go for what you need and what you want. Reinforcing that pattern of going for what you want over time will naturally cross your mind to reduce resistance internally so that your mind no longer resists. The mind also operates on the path of least resistance. If it knows that last time you went for something that was easier, the next time it is going to push you against your limitation and say, “The last time you settled, why are we going for more this time?”

Instead of building that internal inertia over time by choosing what you need instead of what you want, you built internal motivation. That’s automation, step one. I’m giving you a more simplistic explanation. It’s a simple concept. I’ll share one more that is very helpful. Let’s say for one reason or another, the audience chose to work with Merrill and/or maybe even work with me or do whatever you do. You became massively successful. Because of this conversation, you unlocked something. That’s great. That would be awesome.

A few years later, you call Merrill and I, you are like, “That was an incredible time that I get to hear you guys talk. It changed my life. I’m at a whole new different place. I’ve hired Merrill. You and I have even worked together and now I’m doing so well in every area of my life. I want to celebrate. Therefore, I’m going to pick you guys up.” Merrill and I are like, “Yeah. Where are we going?” You’re like, “We’ve chartered a jet. We’re going to pick you up in a limo. We’re going to New York City.” I’m like, “Let’s do it.” We’re on the plane. Me being me, I’m going to ask some weird questions. I’m like, “I know we’ve gotten to know each other by this point, but I’m going to ask you a weird question. Where are we going for food?” You’re like, “It’s this place I booked out in Midtown New York. It’s good, a Michelin star.” I’m like, “Are we going to the place?” You show me on your phone on Google Map. I’m like, “Are we going to the place on the map or are we going to the place on the map?” Now you may say that’s the same question. It sounds the same linguistically. What’s the difference?

Here’s the difference. The Google Map on the phone does not contain a restaurant. The place of the restaurant, there’s no restaurant there. There’s a reference. The map references a restaurant in the physical three-dimensional world. The problem with a lot of people is they say the economy’s backed, or business is not going well, or this is happening in media, or clients are saying no. Those things, it may seem real in the three-dimensional world, but they are a projection of your map.

When you learn how to change your map, your physical reality will change. You’ll change your world when you change your map. One of the tools to changing the map is to design what you want, designing precisely what you want. Most of the population, as we talked about. We talked about the three things. We have what we want. We have what we need and what we’ll settle for. Much of the population only have what they need and what they will settle for in their map. What they want is not there.

The mind is not that motivated because if you’re going for what you don’t even feel good about, then your mind has no reason to feel good about what you’re doing. Therefore, it’s not motivated. If you want natural, automated motivation, you need to design what drives you and makes you excited. Even if you wake up late, you’re like, “I’m so excited,” what you want. I would recommend writing 100 things and experiences down that you absolutely want that if you have those things, even if you have two of those things, you’d be like, “My life is very fulfilling.”

Those 100 things and experiences, here’s the trick, 80% to 90% of our thoughts, based on a lot of statistics are negative, unfortunately. I’m speaking for the general population. Maybe not the readers who are following Merrill. What you’ll find is, that being said, if we don’t choose to focus on what we want and the mind will attract what we play on the stage of our mind. What we play on the stage of our mind is a preview of coming attraction. If we don’t play what we want, we play what we worry about, what we will settle for, what we don’t want, that’s what it will play out. You’re like, “I knew it. My life sucks.” That’s not the attitude.

If you begin to design what you want, 100 things and experiences, you’re forcing your mind to focus on what you want all the time. In fact, how many of us can say more than 5, 10, 20 things right now off the bat what you want and experiences. Many may not. Many people will struggle. I’m going to ask you to do 200. Once you finish it, your mind will begin to change. This is naturally and manually too forcing your mind to focus on what you want. Over time, as you finish the list of 200, we can talk again. You can follow me. We have on Facebook something called TranceLibrary.com. It’s a private group. We’ll have to approve you as you request. My team member will approve you if you mentioned that we met here. We do want to increase the size of the group, but we’re also very careful about who we let in.

I saw what you did there. You said, “100 experiences, 200 experiences.” I was like, “He doubled my game without even me noticing.” Well played, sir.

It’s 100 things and 100 experiences. This is how you brought this up.

All readers, everybody, this is mad important because that exercise alone, whether or not you do anything else, I see that exercise alone, William, is going to blow their brain up like a balloon because you cannot unsee that list. Your balloon brain is now bigger regardless. Merrill Chandler endorses this activity or tribe, make this happen. We’ll get back to your reference of where they can apply to join your group or whatever. I want to see on Funding Hackers, Get Fundable Insider, all those trade lines. I want you guys to register, “I’m at 100. I’m at my 200.” That’s going to be a huge thing because I want my balloon brain to be that big. Well played, Williams.

It’s TranceLibrary.com.

Does that URL take you to the Facebook page or you go straight to the Facebook page?

Since we do most of our business through referrals, my website is where we host the content. It doesn’t even tell you what we do because the people that are on our website already know. It’s a pretty rare scenario. I don’t think a lot of people experience that, especially in 2020, but the way we’ve run our business has generated a lot of wonderful people. It has attracted a lot of good people. It’s Facebook.com/groups/trancelibrary. You can share that. The nice thing is in our group, we sometimes do interviews. We interview our students and talk about different things, strategies and tools. We’re about to launch a 21-day focus on what you want challenge.

That will solidify your ability to focus on what you want. Think about this, 2020 was a year where people’s concern surfaced. Many of the people that don’t focus on what they want came out of woodwork. A lot of issues happen because people don’t focus on what they want. What we play on the stage of our mind is a preview of coming attraction. If we can collectively get more people to focus on what they want, 100 things, 100 experiences, we are changing society as a whole.

Is it okay if I include that in my challenge to my people, to expand their balloon and then send them to you?


This is phenomenal. You’ll appreciate this. The last 21 days of 2020, I wanted to have a New Year’s Revolution instead of a New Year’s Resolution. All the way up that we did 21 days from December 11th, through December 31st, we had a challenge. I was online in our tribe and pushing everybody to take on new particular challenges through this thing. To hear you say that this is one of the things that you’re doing, I’m on it. Thank you.

It’s my pleasure. Tell me what happens because I’ve heard the craziest stories. Things just appear. It’s like living the life of miracles every day if you begin to focus.

You may know the term. Brad, my partner says the term. There’s a technical term for it. I call it the red car phenomenon. The second you mentioned a red car, people will start seeing red cars. There’s a term for it.

It’s the reticular activation system.

That’s it. The reason why you’re talking about magic is because the second I say red car, I’m going to start noticing red cars. If I say trip to Hawaii in 2021, as one of my experiences, all of a sudden, I’m going to start noticing specials and great discounts. We have to stay here two weeks because you have to quarantine in Hawaii for two weeks. That’s so sad. I’m going to have to stay in Hawaii for two weeks, but I’m going to start shaping my mind because I’m blowing up my balloon brain.

Keep me in the loop. I’d love to hear more about what happens.

Tribe, make sure that you guys take it on. You don’t have to say what it is but say, “Done with my 100 things, done with my 100 experiences.” We’ll put this as part of our next challenge as well. That reticular activation is red car phenomenon. Tell us how people could get a hold of you if they are like what you and I did to each other, “I’ve got to have this person in my life. I’ve got to have this man in my life.” How do they get to know you, or where can they get some of your content that lets them feel good about working with you, or be able to walk their path with you?

What we play on the stage of our mind is a preview of coming attraction Share on X

Our practice and our training system is very similar to what Merrill does. We have a do-it-yourself. We have a do-it-with-you, and then we have a do-it-for-you. I recommend people at least start somewhere. Some people are like, “I don’t know which one to start with.” The thing is, there’s also a thing about deciding within a certain period of time. If you were to ask Merrill how quickly I decided to jump in, as soon as we talked, I was like, “Let’s do it.”

We’re sitting in a circle and I’m going off on fundability™ optimization and funding your Z, the A to Z of life, funding your Z. He’s like, “We’ve got to talk,” after that. I was like, “You’ve got to go to the bootcamp.”

I signed up on the spot.

William, you’ve done this exercise how many times, 100 experiences and 100 things. You know what you want and you say yes to it. All of a sudden, the universe is supporting when we say yes. I also loved how you say a preview of coming attractions, brilliantly stated. Our projector is projecting out there and we’re seeing previous. What are we going to put on our film roll? That’s what you’re saying because if it’s programmed, it’s already in there. You’re a genius. This is genius. I highly recommend that doing something. You know me as all about adventure and exploring. Exploring the inner depths of one’s mind, my multiple clubs, I’m looking for high valuations in a business. I join places where I’m the dumbest man in the room. When it comes to sitting next to William, I get to be the student. I love being in that position.

I’m honored. You guys are awesome. This is coming from a great place that I’m humbled. Thank you for those kind words. I will say this, Merrill, if people want to get a hold of us, the easiest way, because we screen people coming through it. Right now, we don’t have a super general public program yet at least. Most people that want to come to us, they come through our Facebook group. Find me on Facebook and also find Trance Library, make sure it’s the group. Our page, I don’t post much. It’s in the group where you have to get approved to join, Trance Library. You’ll see all the content. You’ll see client testimonials and stories. I interviewed the general sales manager of Porsche and Audi. Once he took the training, he took their revenue from $700,000 to $3.6 million in profit in a year.

I know that gentleman. He came to the bootcamp with you. He is a badass in the auto industry and what a great testimony. That is awesome. I met him back when he was starting with you.

I had another gentleman, who worked with us, incredibly intelligent, super hard worker. He’s a very smart, strategic gentleman. We worked with him. His income, I’m not going to disclose it, but a few times over and then passed $100,000 mark. He’s doing well-over $200,000 a month now from a place where it was unperceivable. I had another gentleman who played in the NFL that we work with. His online revenue was sub $20,000 and he’s about to hit $200,000. We’ve taken a number of people from sub $20,000, $30,000 or even sub $15,000, $10,000 to six-figures and/or beyond. This is public. Some of these stories we don’t share because they’re not public yet.

We had a girl. She’s 24 years old. When I met her, she was 23. She signed on to our program. She started her training in March of 2020. Her side business was making about $5,000 a year. Not great and not terrible, it’s what it was. She’s like, “I would love to be able to hit $100,000 in a single year.” Those numbers I was talking about were monthly numbers. She’s talking about, “I want to make $100,000 a year.” I’m like, “That’s cool.” She kept going into our master program, which is one of the do-it-yourself programs, I didn’t even work with her. She went through that in June 2020. She took some trainings between March and June. She texted me in October one day randomly, she’s like, “William, I did it.” I’m like, “What did you do?” She said, “I hit $100,000, but not this year only. I did it this month.” I need to send her your way because you’ll be able to help her build some crazy good credit, which will allow her to leverage.

We’ve got to invest to get the return. I want to thank you for joining me on this journey. First of all, you’ve been an amazing client. I have loved facilitating the transformation of what we call your history. The profile represents your history. Your borrower behaviors represent your present and funding represents leveraging your future. It’s been an honor to have you as part of our process, part of my tribe and the gift that you are doing out there. You have sent many people our way because they now need a bigger pool to swim in because of your work. He sends people regularly to me because they don’t have enough future funding to handle the aggressive results they’re getting in their business. They say, “We need to leverage. We need to get out in front of this. It’s been an honor. It’s been wonderful, William. Thank you for doing so.

Your team has been incredible to me.

Our 1,000th client funded, so I’m thrilled. It’s you and it’s an honor to have that as my badge of honor. Guys, thank you for joining us. Keep bingeing and see what you could do for the Trance Library in the groups. We dropped it in Facebook. Check it out. If he lets you in, you’re welcome. I’ll take all the credit, but do something, including that 100 things that you want and 100 experiences you want to have. I’m going to do it. I challenge you to do it. Let’s get what we want. Thank you so much, William.

Thank you, Merrill.

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