AYF/GF 127 Eric Dunavant | Operating With Certainty


If sudden misfortune were to happen to you today, will your family and business survive? In this episode, Eric Dunavant explains the importance of operating with certainty to better secure your chances of long-term success. Eric is the President at Paradiem, whose mission is to empower families and businesses to live a better story by being more intentional. The biggest mistake of many business owners is not putting certainty in place because of the firm belief that “I’m not going to fail.” But often, they do fail! Who suffers the most during times of failure? The business owner themselves and their families. Do you want to learn how to operate with certainty to secure your business and your family on a long-term basis? Then this episode is for you.  

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Operating With Certainty So Your Legacy Lives On Forever With Eric Dunavant

Have I been knocking it out of the park with our guests lately? We’re now in for the grand slam. Bases are loaded. In this episode, we’ve got Eric Dunavant. He was raised in West Texas. Along the theme that we’ve covered in the last couple of episodes, we’re going to be talking about how to transition from a hobbyist, even if you’re no longer W2, even if you’re paying your bills with your hobby, it’s a completely different jam to build a business like a business. Eric will be joining me and we’re going to do a deep dive on the landmines of preparing the transition to run this thing like a business.  

Let me tell you a little bit about Eric. I had the pleasure of meeting Eric at my board of advisors meeting. It’s a quarterly meeting that I go to where individuals who’ve made businesses out of their hobbies are schooling me hardcore in how to level up and how to be better. I met Eric and there was an easy synergy between us because a similar perspective that we do all of this noise, and you guys know this about me. We do all of this crazy hardcore work and effort, and we muscle through our lives because of an idea of what our Z is, our end game. We’re after our Z, that end game for our lives. Getting there and doing it the wrong way can create havoc with our lives so that our children want nothing to do with this when we’re ready to give them our legacy.  

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Our spouse doesn’t want anything to do with us. We have to split all of our fortune of real estate properties. We have to split it all because we were assholes in the middle of the process. Here’s Eric to help us on how not to be assholes to each other so that we have a legacy to pass on to children that love and adore us rather than hate us. The ways in which the landmines, because we’re all about the landmines here at Get Fundable, how we can make it to the end in one piece and surrounded by loved ones who care about us. 

Growing up, Eric’s own family faced some of these exact things that we’re going to be talking about. An unexpected tragedy created a massive loss in the family business and depleted their wealth. This loss fueled Eric’s own passion to empower other families and businesses to live a better story by being more intentional, by making choices that make a difference rather than waking up and seeing what fire there is to put out. I have gone through the first level with Eric’s recalibration, evaluation process, and it was an amazing experience. Eric, I’m glad you’re here with us and I’m glad you’re here to save us from all of the landmines. By the way, everything he says, I have never done. I am a pillar, a perfect example of how to run a business. Eric, welcome. 

Thank you, Merrill. I’m excited to be here. Are we going to title the episode How Not To Be An Asshole? 

I think so. It’s How Not Being An Asshole Will Let Your Legacy Live On. 

It’s a title of a book I need to write or something like that.  

You know, Eric, that the alphas are the ones who become entrepreneurs. The very nature of men and women, any sixteen-yearold entrepreneurs are all alphas. One of the key features or characteristics of an alpha is that they run down the football field sometimes without the football, yet everybody in their lives chase them and they’re like, “Run, and then we get down there and there’s no touchdown. There’s no win. We’re all excited for a while. Please help us understand and go through what are some of the big landmines that my tribe needs to at least be aware of. 

It’s exactly what you described. The way that I like to word it is most of the people running businesses are ready, fire, aim, “Let’s go after it. I’ve got a great idea. This is where we’re going to go execute it, then we’ll figure out who our target audience is and if they’re even interested in what we’re selling. We get passionate about what we’re going to do and get excited about it. The biggest landmine I see is most business owners are visionaries. This will come up when we talk a little bit about my own story because my dad did this 

They got an incredible vision for what they want to do and where they want to goIt’s not going to fail because I have vision and there’s no way this is going to fall. I’m going to be successful no matter what.” “What about all these things that go wrong? No, you don’t understand. I’m going to be successful. I’m going to win. The thing that I find is that a lot of times they’re partnered up, spouse, partner, whatever with someone. I put them in a space I call faith, or vision and faith. You’ve got somebody who believes in you, but they only believe for so long. They’ve only got so much. One of the biggest mistakes we can get into, and I want to talk little bit about how this affected me in my life, is if you take a faith person far enough along without evidence or certainty, you become an asshole. We’re going to keep coming back to the thing.  

If you have ever wondered what the definition for an asshole was, Eric just gave it to you. 

Being a visionary who takes a faith person far enough along without giving them certainty. There’s your definition. I grew up in West Texas. My dad is a veterinarian and he’s got a small animal practice, but he’s doing some large animals and he had this vision for, “If I expanded my practice and I bought into this new business, built a brandnew building that had all of this equipment for large animals and everything,” He’s borrowing money and he’s got this big vision of how he‘s going to hire other veterinarians. They’re going to come in and work for him. He’s thinking everything about the business. My mom is going along with it. Meighth-grade year, she fell and broke her arm. She went to surgeries and stuff and ended up with a staph infection. We buried my mother the day before I started my freshman year of high school. It was hard. Take a visionary business person who’s thought nothing about protecting himself.  

All he’s been doing is visionary. He’s putting no certainty underneath him. My dad didn’t have any certainty. He didn’t have the health insurance, he didn’t have life insurance on my mom, so all the bills start piling up. He didn’t have any business interruption and insurance. Everything starts piling upWithout any certainty underneath him, what ends up happening to him was every morning, he had to get up and make the choice, “Am I going to be Mary Poppins or am I going to run my business today? I’ve got a younger sister who’s seven years younger than I am. All the chaos of this starts to come in.  

AYF/GF 127 Eric Dunavant | Operating With Certainty

Operating With Certainty: If you take a faith person far enough along without evidence or certainty, you become an asshole.


My dad filed for bankruptcy two months before I graduated high school. It took four years to catch up with it. If I’ll look at this and I see this over and over with business owners. It’s the visionary who thinks that, “Nothing’s ever going to go wrong so I don’t need to protect anything. I don’t need to do anything. It’s just running down the field without the football, just ready, fire, aim. It’s not building up the certainty. We can talk a little bit about what some of those certainties look like. That’s the biggest mistake or the biggest pitfall that I see a lot of business owners put themselves into. They don’t put certainty in place because, “I’m not going to fail. Why do I need all this? Why waste time with all this other stuff? I’m going to be okay?” 

I love your use of the term certainty here. Certainty means that there is a plan if something goes sideways. Much less if something goes south. You have a plan. Give us some examples. For my real estate and business entrepreneurs, what does certainty look like for them as small business hobbyists? They’re making the move over to running it like a professional business and the certainty pillars that need to be thereWhat are those pillars of certainty that they need to be a checklist or something that they can write down while they’re walking, running, working out and reading this? 

The first place I’m going to say is relational certainty. Especially if you’re running along with someone as a partner. You’re so busy running the business or thinking about this idea, especially if you haven’t made the leap yet. What you’ve got ithis hobby that’s taking all of your attention and you’ve got maybe a day job that’s taking all of your attentionDoes the business and your work become your new mistress versus your partner? One of the things that sounds simple is like a weekly date night, just getting together on a regular basis. Here’s the key, you can’t talk about business.  

We are in the business of creating a high quality of life. Does your high quality of life include or exclude your spouse, partner or children? Elaborate more on that about how to date night. What are the ways that we can build this equity in our relationship, just like we’re trying to build equity in our business? 

Here’s the first thing, I say date night, but don’t overcomplicate this. It could be a quick trip for coffee. My wife and I’ve got three kids at home. They’re getting older now, but we’ve had to figure out this rhythm of what works for us. I’ll tell you what works for us. We go to breakfast every Wednesday morning. It’s not date night, but it’s carving out a very specific time to be together and talk about things that are not business-related. 

Can we bring our screens with us, our iPads, our iPhone?” Is that part of the date night? 

No. I got my wife like, “Are you looking at something that is regarding to our discussion right now? I was like, “No, I am not.” Here’s one thing that I’ve found, especially for alphas and for people who are drivenBecause we’re visionary, if we’re going to do something, we’re going to do it over the top and we’re going to do it with excellence. You hear the idea of date night, you get connected and all of a sudden you’re renting a limousine, you’re getting a tux. Go for coffeeTake it down to its lowest common denominator, make this super simple. From a relational standpoint, make it easy so that it’s something you can duplicate. The second piece or element of this is put it on your calendar and make it unmovable, This is the most important appointment that I have this week. You may think the most important appointment is with your real estate agent or with your banker. Your most important appointment is with your partner who has faith in everything that you’re doing. 

I’ve never suffered from any of these maladies. I’m just here to serve you guys. This is rug pulling out from underneath us. I’ve done every one of these things. 

You know how this works. The greatest teachers are teaching on things that they’re messing up on over and over. 

My greatest life lessons, I now get to share with my tribe because I failed miserably. I heard this one thing and I’d like you to elaborate on it. We all have avatars. Who’s our perfect customer or our perfect client? This was a new thing that just wowed me because they said, “Pick a super powerful experience when you were a child, the 5 to 10yearold age, and then in the teenage years or up to 21, pick another powerful story about character building, and then something recentWe’ve all been crafted to create a solution to an audience. That audience may be 5 or 500 million people whose life experiences have been crafted to be the example to at least illuminate the path for our tribe.  

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How is your experience of what you grew up with and those devastating effects of the loss of your mom as a freshman, and then loss of financial stability with your dad by the time of you‘re a senior create your mission and awareness of these? What might seem simple but we don’t do them. Either we’re dumb or we don’t remember simple things. How did your experience or these experiences help craft your awareness of the landmines that are out there and the solutions we need to make sure that we are successful? 

I think it’s twofold. This is one of the things we talk about a whole lot in Paradiem, which is my company. Life happens at the intersection of family and finance. We like to think that family and business, however you want to say it, but most people want to try and compartmentalize things and it doesn’t happen there. It happens at the intersection. My dad and I, when the bankruptcy happened or when the loss happened, we’ve got a financial issue that’s going on. That just shaped my mind towards this effort of, what would have prevented that? What would have kept that from happening? What would have kept us not going through this pain? On the other side of that was the relational damage that happened between me and my father during that time. We were disconnected. I had a lot of anger over, “Did you do this to us? A lot of bitterness and frustration. Both of those things and that intersection and losing a family made me very passionate about having a family. 

My dad was business-driven and business-focused before my mom passed away. He missed baseball games. He missed basketball games. There was even this other longing desire of, “When I have kids and when I do this, the relationship is just as important as the financial side of this.” You take the pain of all of that coming together. It was a discovery that said on the other side of this that’s interesting, that the world tells us that life is about the pursuit of family or the pursuit of money, but I don’t ever see anything talking about this intersection. What we begin to find is that the opportunities and the outcomes began to increase as people looked at both sides of the coin.  

It is the same coin, not two separate coins. It is the same coin and sometimes we flip that coin and its business is what we got to pay attention to. Just like the odds, 50% of the time, when the family goes tails up, we need to make sure that we are focusing on our family. I like that intersection of finance and family because that goes in line with our community’s focus. My focus and the voice that I speak to is what we call Z, your end game. It’s not your why. Your why is your motivation to get there. It’s one step beyondIt’s Z. It is what you want the quality of your life to be today, this weekend, this summer and throughout your life. The choices we can make every day that support the quality of our lives, that support our Z.  

What I’m hearing you say is that if we focus on where they converge. I’m going to get so wicked philosophical. Instead of being like this, it’s like a double helix of life crossing over each other again and again. DNA, people. It’s the crossing point because we can’t compartmentalize. You can’t compartmentalize when it’s 8:00 at night and you’re still working on that final proposal to finish a deal and your spouse or your children are saying, “Dinner is cold. That’s the intersection. It’s not pleasant intersection at that point. 

There are many times as an alpha business-driven person that we think that what we need to do isI can’t go eat dinner because I’ve got this proposal to finish. This proposal is the most important thing. What we don’t recognize is you can’t drive a Ferrari red line forever. 

Even if it was built for that red line, it wasn’t built to be continually. 

AYF/GF 127 Eric Dunavant | Operating With Certainty

Operating With Certainty: You may think the most important appointment is with your real estate agent or with your banker. But your most important appointment is with your partner, who has faith in everything that you’re doing.


There’s the parable out there about the two guys chopping down trees in the forest. They start at the beginning of the day and one guy begins chopping down trees, and he chops all day long. The other guy stops every twenty minutesAt the end of the day, the guy who stopped every twenty minutes chopped down more trees than the guy who went all day long. The guy who went all day long comes to him and he’s like, “What is going on? How did you chop down more trees than I did?” He goes, “Every twenty minutes, I stopped and I sharpened my axe.” I don’t know what it is about the visionaries, but we have a hard time giving ourselves permission to sharpen our axe. 

We don’t stop. In fact, everybody who’s reading this, it’s unlikely that anyone is sitting at the beach, if that’s even another example. Some of you may have been sitting at the beach, taking in sun, listening to podcasts because you can’t just enjoy the beach by yourself. You’ve got to have me along for the ride. We don’t check out. It’s like, They’ve got a new episode. I love the episode.” I need to be there rather than spending time listening to our children. Remember, I’ve had all these challenges and I’ve stepped on every one of these landmines myself. For all of you who know my backstory, I stepped out so much that the Federal government had to take me aside and put me in a cell so I’d stopped stepping on the landmines of my life. You talked about the Ds. Share with me and my crew about the five Ds that are the result of not paying attention or not being prepared. 

The first thing that I always want to do if you start talking about people like, I feel guilty that I’m not doing all of this. Let me give you a couple of statistics so people know if they’re in good company. It’s been surveyed that 75% of business owners, hobby or not, have zero plan on how they’re going to exit their business. Three-quarters of business owners don’t know how they’re getting out. The scary part about that is the statistics have been looked at that 50% of business exits come when you least expect them, and then that leads us to the Ds. First is Death. Most people go, “That‘s my death. I’m not going to be here, so what do I care?” My mom’s death led to the failure of my dad’s business.  

A child’s death could gut us to such a degree. Even if we’re still in business, we might not be enjoying it or productive. There’s some misery associated not with just our own loss but the loss of others around us. 

A lot of people like to look at why would I buy life insurance? The purpose of buying life insurance is certainty. It’s about creating a cushion if you need it. It’s not life insurance. It’s certainty insurance. 

I have never heard those two words put together before. Certainty insurance. I love that. I’ve never done that math before. 

All you‘re doing is buying certainty around if something goes wrong and somebody passes away or you pass away, the business can keep going. Is the vision for the business big enough to take the time to put that cushion in place?  

The key person insurance for the business to be able to roll at somebody who’s vital to the success of the business. If something goes sideways with them, you’ve got to be able to replace them and the resources to do so. That’s brilliant. 

The other thing that most people don’t expect is I think 1 in 5 people will experience a disability that takes them out of the workforce for more than six months during a lifetime. 

spoke with one of our compatriot, Jeremy, from the board of advisors. He has a debilitating condition that he fortifies himself every single day. He goes, “There’s one thing that’s good. I provide resilience increases so now I’m a gift to my tribe, because he can help people understand how is living with pain. How do you deal with craziness like that, the loss of a limbcar accidents, paralyzed? 

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It’s a different level of certainty insurance. They sell disability insurance for that purpose and you can buy it depending on how big your team is. Inside of our business, we have short-term and long-term disability. Most people don’t realize they’re being peddled disability insurance every single day, but this is exactly what Aflac with the duck isIt is disability insurance. You’re being peddled it every day and you laugh at it. What they talk about is it provides you money if you can’t work. The most common example, it was one that we experienced, is a gentleman who was in a terrible car accident. For six months, he couldn’t come in and work or run his business. He came back to work. He came back to business, but it was the disability insurance that kept him and his business during that time. 

I’m guilty of this. I’m the one saying, “No, I lead a charmed life, says the guy who’s been divorced and gone to prison. I lead a charmed life and nothing’s going to happen to me because I’m running down the football field. Hopefully, I’ve now got the football, but it didn’t use to.” Some of these things is certainty. I love that. Life insurance? If I’m like, “Certainty,” that reframes this entire conversation in how do I create certainty because I got a dozen employees. I got a partner. I got people in my life that are counting on me if I go down, their lives suffer as a result of death, divorce, disability. That isn’t cool. That isn’t responsible for me. I hold myself as a generous and as a benefactor to my team, and that’s not okay. That’s irresponsible on my part. Since I’m the board of advisors, I’m now remedying all of this because it’s not okay anymore. A funny thing for the tribe here, you guys need to understand, for a while, we didn’t have health insurance for our team, “We can’t afford it. The weird thing is the second we offered it, “We could afford it. I’m like, “What just happened?” 

You put certainty in your business. You put certainty in your employees and all of a sudden it’s their ability to work inside of that realm of certainty. We think we can’t afford things because we’re looking at it from a limiting factor. What we don’t realize it’s the cost of leaving uncertainty inside of our businesses. 

I’m taking home golden nuggets of thought here because this is brilliant. My business, my life cannot afford uncertainty. It is not okay to leave anything uncertain.  

We all come at it backwards. I have a big heart for generosityGenerosity is a big deal and one of the things that a lot of people run into isI don’t have any money to give.” It’s almost exactly the same principle. Why don’t you start by giving some money away first and see if you even miss it? Why don’t you put some health insurance and some life insurance and some certainty into your life and see if you even miss it? What we think is by giving things away, by buying the insurance that, I’m missing out on something.” What we don’t see is what we’re investing in and what we’re creating inside of that certainty is the foundation that then builds the vision of everyone around us. 

Psychic drag is one of the pillars of our tribe. We want to eliminate psychic drag, but I just did the math of what you said, Eric. Here’s what’s fascinating, when we create certainty, we eliminate psychic drag, which frees up energy inside of our creative genius to create more. It may be so subtle that we don’t notice it, but the absence of psychic drag frees up energy. It’s physics. You cannot remove psychic drag and have less freedom, less power and less opportunity. What you’re saying is by creating certainty in our business, by shoring up the areas that very could be uncertain, we’re freeing up mad quantities of psychic drag. That leaves us now free to focus our energies in a positive and creative manner. That back of that low-grade, dull background doubt is now out of our space. 

It’s not just in business. Go back to what we started with, creating certainty inside of your home. What if the winning part of your proposal wasn’t sitting there and crushing the proposal and grinding it out? What if the winning part of your proposal came as you were sitting at dinner with your family for 45 minutes, and you got an idea from one of your kids, your wife, your spouse or partnerYou came back into the room and you ended up finishing the proposal an hour earlier than you would have otherwise because you took the 45 minutes to get this space and stop the psychic drag you’re talking about. It’s not just financial. It’s that intersection of family and finance.  

The creation of certainty eliminates psychic dragI know in my life over and over again, the more psychic drag I removed, the more freedom I now have to move everything forward. My health insurance for my team was a perfect example of that. It’s going to cost me less money for it to shore up all of the key man insurance, all those things. What? Am I not going to have a home run because now I get to focus up? I don’t have to worry about a thing. Even if it’s that low-grade, dull background doubt.  

I don’t know where your business owners are in their overall cycle, but I’ll tell you a personal experienceIf you’re familiar with the principles of profit first, it’s the exact same thing. We were operating the business. I was constantly putting cash into the business to keep it going and keeping things running. We got to a season where things were healthier and I kept looking at the business. I’m like, Things are healthier. Where’s my opportunity to benefit from all the years that I was pouring cash into the business? We couldn’t find a space because the business always had money to spend on other things, Can we have somebody come in and coach us through this idea of profit first?” I started creating distributions. There are two things that happened. My wife, Angel, her faith component, her certainty went up when I could get her an extra distribution that was beyond our paycheck that showed that all those years of her faith were paying off that we were getting our money back. 

Your partner is like, “Yes, keep going. 

Not only that, it’s the exact same thing. It’s the health insurance thing. It’s everything else. We did this right before COVID and I took my distributions all in 2020 and we never had a hiccup on it during COVID. It was the certainty of the business. It was the certainty for my wife. We underestimate what the certainty does. We look at certainty like it’s a cost, but it’s an investment. 

I’m so getting that because as I look at my relationship with my former wife, I look at my relationship with my kids, there’s always psychic drag when we think or believe we should be doing something else and we don’t. Some people call it guilt. That’s not a productive word for me, but there’s a drag. I look at the aerodynamics of our lives, and there’s total drag on us when we have doubt about what we’re doing in this very moment. If we remove that doubt, then we are streamlined and we’re aerodynamic in our lives and the psychic drag is removed. Imagine a spouse being like, “No, honey, I got the dishes. You go run back in there and finish that proposal, because they’re paid off. Their buckets are full because of what we’ve done.  

Versus what we create for ourselves. We’re like, “I can’t get out of here,” so then the opposite of that is bitterness and anger builds up in the other room because you won’t leave the office. You think you’re doing the right thingBy not building the certainty, you’re fostering everything you don’t want. Here’s the other side, the most selfish thing you can do is not create certainty for your visionary, the person who has faith in you. It’s the most selfish thing you can do. 

It’s the least productive because it’s going to bite you in the ass. If you’re an asshole, you don’t want to be bitten as well. I’m telling you, this is genius because I know that I’m seeing the dominoes are falling for me. I see how I increased certainty and remove psychic drag and it’s never not paid off. My beliefs about other things, “I need to do that. I’ll get to that.” Instead of charging towards getting my key man insurance for my partners and I, charging towards handling these things. One of my partners, him and his wife, are both team members who have been with me for years and one is our chief strategist. Imagine having certainty about their partnership as a couple, and imagine the certainty of enrolling new clients into our organization from a place of absolute no psychic drag, no loss of certainty, absolute clarityImagine the freedom she now can use to serve our clients and problem solve with the people who come to us. This is not rocket science. I have missed this. 

Here’s the real challengeMost of the rest of the world, whatever their opinion is, it’s probably wrong. The masses are headed in the wrong direction. What everyone tells us around the world is the best way to do this is to work harder and to do more. What if the secret to what you want is doing less and creating more certainty?  

You’re buoyed up by the certainty in your own space and everybody that supports your space, all your team members. If my team had even more certainty, that’s what the health insurance was. It’s like, I feel safe. No matter what happens, I’m taken care of. I am a generous soul. It wasn’t like we came out and did a split share of that contribution. It was like, “You’re so important to me, you get full coverage insurance without your costs, without contributing. If I’m going to do it, I want to do it well. Not once in making this decision did I include in the math that there would be more certainty in their personal lives and feel safer to come to work every day, “I feel safe. I feel loved. I feel valued because somebody is showing up for me and now I feel safe. I’m all in. What do you need me to do, Merrill? We then serve our clients and knock it out of the park for our people.  

Eric, this has been amazing. I’ve had some awesome guests. I’ve done some great solo events and episodes, but never once have I said, I’m listening to my own podcast. This has been insanely valuable for me personally. If anybody else is listening to it, that’s your business guys. All by itself. This was a game-changer for me because now I’m going to be building my business decision. How does this increase certainty with my loved ones, my team, partners, clients, and tribe in the world? How can I increase certainty? The gift that you have been to me and my community is beyond the scope of that. Eric, it has been a pleasure having you here with us. Any final swings for the fence? 

AYF/GF 127 Eric Dunavant | Operating With Certainty

Operating With Certainty: Life happens at the intersection of family and finance.


I’ll give you this, you may ask me for this later, I’m going to go and give it to you right now. My email is Eric@Paradiem.org. Anybody that’s reading, one of the things that I truly believe is that the greatest source of certainty sits inside of the work that you do with your family. We talk about this intersection of family and finance, but the one thing that I find that most people struggle with is how do I interact better with my family? How do I do more with my family? How do I be intentional around that?  

For anybody who wants some help, it doesn’t mean that it’s not the be-all end-all, but we have what we call a free family impact kit, and it’s a free download. All you have to do is send me an email to Eric@Paradiem.org and put Family Impact Kit in the signature. We know exactly what to do with that. We’ll send you the information so that you can download that. It’s about a day worth of activities. It doesn’t have to all be done at onceType A, don’t overthink this. It’s some simple activities of some things that you can do to create more certainty inside your partner, spouse, and kids. I think you’ll find it to be fantastic. I would invite you to download that resource. 

Thank you so much for being here. Tribe, what do you think? This was awesome. I want to thank Eric for being here. I want to remind you that in every way that we can, every business decision we make, every family decision we make, how can we remove the psychic drag? Now I’ve got a new language for all of this that you’re going to be reading over and over, thanks to Eric. How can we create certainty in our loved ones, our business partners, our teams, and everybody in our lives so that they not just have faith in us, but the wind beneath our wingsThey want us to succeed anymore, because every step you make in leveling up, you’ve created certainty in them to support you without all the noise we all run into when we ignore, when we just want them to believe. Let’s give them the certainty that they deserve so that they support us in the freedom and vision that we deserve.  

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About Eric Dunavant

AYF/GF 127 Eric Dunavant | Operating With CertaintyGrowing up, Eric’s own family faced an unexpected tragedy that transpired in the loss of the family business and wealth. This loss fueled Eric’s passion for empowering families and businesses to live a better story by being more intentional. Since 2007, Mr. Dunavant’s leadership of Paradiem has guided multiple families and businesses to discover the intersection between family and finances in their story.

Eric is a proud graduate of Texas A&M University. Mr. Dunavant resides in Covington, Louisiana, with his wife Angel and their three children, Clayton, Austen, and Gracyn.

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