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Credit scores determine the borrowers’ access to money from lenders. Low credit does affect your chances of getting lenders to borrow you the money, but having bad credit is not the end. Doing your due diligence and seeking help from accredited credit repair companies will help you build your credit. Today, Flame Newton discusses how you can access money from banks or lenders. Building credit takes time, especially when you have poor scores. Tune in to this episode as Flame shares his credit journey and how he built his credit situation.

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The Path To “Access The Money” With Flame Newton

I am here with Flame Newton. I will let you get his story about how he came into this space. I met Flame at FICO World. We are tooling through FICO World for usually four days long. Day 1 and Day 2, I keep seeing this guy going to the exact same FICO World seminars that I am going to. It is all consumer credit. It is all score modeling. Pretty soon, we are out in the hall outside of one of the seminars. I am like, “We are in the exact same courses. Who are you?” Tell them who you are, Flame.

That is a true story. That was at FICO World, where we did meet. We kept walking by each other. As we were walking by each other, we did figure out who was who from that. These types of things start relationships. I do not know if you are at home right now, if you are trying to figure it out, regardless of what industry you are in, make sure that you get out of your environment and go to other elements, whether it be a conference, a convention, and all of these places. You would meet some wonderful people at these places. I met my guy, Merrill.

Flame, tell us a little bit about you. I got some great questions for you. Everybody knows my background in the business. They know I invented fundability optimization and where all the magic happens. Tell us your story. We are almost 1,500 to 1,800 downloads every month of this show. We kill it. We hit our 50,000 and I am like, “We are now somebody.” We have been somebody in the credit marketplace, but now in the show. Tell us where you came from and how you came to be that accredit master.

First and foremost, I am going to shout out to all the people that came before me because there have been some greats. I follow them as well. My journey does not come from the accolade of where I had bad credit and I became a credit guru because of bad credit. I do not have that accolade nor do I have the accolade of the essence of where I went to Harvard, Yale, or Brown and I got some type of business or credit degree for whatever works. It did not. I was named one of the most despicable human beings known to mankind. I have to say it like that because I was a person that robbed people and I murdered them while they were still living. It is a terrible thing.

I will make sure I say it on every platform that I have ever been on. I was a person that stole identities. If you have never met an identity thief before, I was that guy. That landed me a stint in going to federal prison. As I was there, a lot of the guys kept asking a question. As I would talk and talk about this credit journey and the power of credit, the guys will be there.

You got to understand that 80% of the people who are in prison are there for some type of monetary crime. When I would sit around and talk about this credit thing, their eyes would blow up. They left me saying these words, “I sure wish they would have taught me credit while I was in school.” That helped inspire The School of Credit. That is how we got on this journey here.

Birds of a feather, they say. Like kinds attract. This gentleman wrote because he wanted people to be able to learn it in school. He actually named his book, The School of Credit. It is twelve grades of credit, including kindergarten.

I did the book under that record because I remember I was in my cell with my cell buddy, Tommy Woodford. We were sitting in the room and I was rocking. I was like, “The school of credit. This is a place where we can teach credit on grade levels where each grade level would represent and teach something different in the whole credit system. That is what we are going to be bringing to the forefront.” That is how you got the book, The School of Credit: Learn & Master the 12 Levels of the American Credit System.

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We have a similar past, but more importantly, tell them what the turnaround was. None of us like to spend time in jail, but what was the turnaround? What was happening inside when this idea came to you? You guys know my idea came to me because there is nothing to do while you are sitting in your cell. There is the weight room and then there is your cell. You eat three times a day. Not a whole lot is going on. What was it that turned you around from that version of working that side of identities to building powerful fundable identities and The School of Credit idea?

It was the way that I was received by other individuals. When you start talking about this credit system and you can understand the power, how we can change people’s lives, change people’s families, and about everyday occurrences of information that you know or I may know is foreign information to other people. When you get into these types of environments, you give them this information, and you have seen what the outcome of it is. We call them results and proven receipts from what they do. They start to talk about it and they rave about you. You feel that you do have a purpose.

You are making a difference in somebody’s life. All of a sudden, that difference in 1 person’s life turns into 10, 100, 1,000, and tens of thousands. There is always self-interest. There is nothing that feels greater than seeing 200 people on one of our episodes or 200 people who are on a Facebook live or Instagram live. All of a sudden, we served them. We gave them a nugget. I am announcing that we are doing credit myths exposed show. There are over 500 episodes of this show.

We are busting down all the myths, misrepresentations, and misunderstandings and then telling what the insider secret is behind it. You have done the very same thing in The School of Credit. He just finished translating it into Spanish. For all of our Hispanic and our Latinx clients and followers, La Escuela De Credito is in Spanish as well.

That is one of the things that I think that when it comes to me and you when we get into this credit world. There is a separation I like to see between church and state. The reason why that is because a lot of times, when people are talking about the credit game, they are not giving them the whole thing. They are not telling them how to build out a business and what goes into the business. People want to try to figure out a way to get into the credit game by bypassing certain things. They want to be able to take the freeway.

What we are teaching is you got to take these streets and learn how to go from stoplight to stoplight and understand how to stay under the speed limit while you are going through these small towns. Follow the rules and succeed. When you start talking about building up business credit and getting yourself fundable, that is where it comes down to.

When you share the same morals and beliefs pertaining to being able to access the money or being able to get directly to the money is where the separation comes in it. You guys right now, I do not know where you are at in your journey, but by you tuning into this type of show, I am excited to be here with Merrill. There is a lot of information that he provides on a daily occurrence. I do not have to say more. It is already there.

You started talking to your celly, bunkmates, and everybody, and you started seeing their lights go on. The lights in their eyes are like, “What did you say?” You began to find this purpose. When you got out of federal detention, what was your first and second step in starting to get to this awesome? What was your journey? You get out, and you are on probation, all those things are happening. What was it that started making the moves?

AYF/GF 174 | Accessing Money

The School of Credit: Learn & Master the 12 Levels of the American Credit System

One of the key elements of things that I used to do and I used to pride myself on was I am an actor of facts. I love facts. There is no better place to get facts than going to a place that has a law library. The law library gives an outcome of a case. I would go in and study a lot of these cases that were detained with the credit.

Let me tell you a secret. I did not know how much these credit bureaus sue each other or that people sue them on a daily occurrence. There are so many different losses that go on constantly. I would get into this. When you are starting to develop something and people see that you are on a particular topic, they want to hover around you and see what you are doing.

It sounds like something they have never heard before.

I would sit there and talk about this credit stuff, but not just talk. They would see the action of me being in these places. When they come up to me in the library, I will always have books and books about credit around me. I would go through a lot of these books and be like, “This is not true. This is not accurate.” A library is a public place where people will come in and people will hold things such as real estate rooms or these types of environments.

When they come in here, they will see me with this credit. They said, “Do you mind? Since I am having an event here on Saturday, would you happen to want to come and speak about credit?” That started to burst that idea to me and being able to put me in that position. It started from the bottom. I took a lot of them. I am able to get to those places where I am sharing stages with my man, Merrill, at the largest credit convention in the country, which is CreditCon.

I love that you have your book in Spanish because they did a meetup for Latinx and Hispanos. I speak Spanish fluently and I am standing there. I gave every one of them a copy of my book, telling them that my book is also in Spanish. It is just a PDF. You got yours legit. You got your hardcover. It is a PDF that I want to get into the Spanish marketplace. Our commitments are the same. We want people to have access. Sometimes different languages require different approaches. Different folks have different access points. I am thrilled that we are on that same path together.

Being able to take this information that we have and share it with individuals such as you guys that are reading now is one of the key marketplaces that develop us and help us stay on that right path to being able to make more contributions to this credit game. It is lonely at the top. It can be, but what you are going to have to do is you are going to have to stay focused. When you listen to Merrill talk, “Are you fundable?” There is a slew of things that you have to do in order to get into that situation.

Some of those situations may be educating yourself. When I am saying educating yourself, it’s knowing the difference. I heard somebody one day who said, “I walked into the bank and I told them I need some money.” I said, “I would never walk into the bank and tell them I need money. I need working capital.” We break down words and languages, so it means something to someone.

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There are rules to the game. Lenders have a love language. Walking in and saying, “I want some money,” is not speaking their love language. You speak their love language by meeting their underwriting guidelines, by building a relationship with the bank, checking accounts, credit cards, and then credit lines. Everything that we do is how we speak the love language of the bank, so they love up on us afterward with cold, hard cash.

When you get into that component, that is the point. That is where the separation is. For you guys at home, I am about to share four things with you. I never want you to understand these four. They all work separately on their own. Number one is you. You, yourself, give information over to a lender. That lender then takes that information and gives it over to the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus then take the information that you give them, compile it up, and send it over to credit scores.

Once you understand how you can articulate each one of those sections of that compound, which is you, the actual lender, the credit bureaus, and the credit scores, you put yourself in a position to win. I am not talking about winning to a point where you walk out of a bank with a folder. There are two ways to come out of a bank. Number 1) you could come out with a folder, and number 2) you could come out of there with some money. Which one do you want to come out with?

I would come out way before I knew what I was doing with a folder. They are like, “Here are some applications. Here are some brochures. Here is some other BS.” When you get this game down, you are getting automatic limit increases and they do not even send you a letter, “Here is the more money.” That is our end game. Have several relationships, especially with business banks. Several relationships simultaneously, each with $100,000, what can you do with that capital that is that easy to acquire when you know the rules of this game?

That is why we always make sure that we say this statement. If you are at home now, I want you to write this down. If you are at home in the mirror, take your lipstick and write it in the mirror. I am going to share these words with you. These words are inspirational at the highest level. They are going to be able to take you to places that you have never seen.

Always remember, it is not about how much money you have. It is all about how much money you have access to. Putting yourself in accessibility to go in and get this cash, so can get into these work and institutions, you are building that credit profile up. You can get into these places. You can start these relationships and bindery commitments that you never thought were even possible.

I do want to see you get on this journey. The way that you get on this journey is you got to start. You start with actionable things. One of the first things that you can do in order to start is to make sure that you contact Merrill. You contact his team and see how you can be a part of what they have going on. For one, I have been a part of them when he has the weekly webinars that he does monthly.

The Get Fundable! Bootcamp.

AYF/GF 174 | Accessing Money

Accessing Money: Follow the rules, and you will succeed. When you start talking about building up business credit, getting yourself fundable is what it all comes down to.


That is a small commitment to what he has got going on. You guys are going to gain so much information from attending things like that, purchasing the book, and being in environments where this information is correlated. It also puts you in other elements with other people that are trying to learn at the same time as well. You will also have resources.

We are not the mystics on the mountain. We want to make sure that all you guys have access to like-minded people. Where do people get a hold of you? Where do they get your book? Tell us how they can get The School of Credit. My book is almost 200 pages. His is 1,400.

MeetFlame.com is the perfect place to go. Go there. All my contact information is there, the way that you can purchase the book, anything that I got going on, my contact, phone numbers, email addresses, and whatever you want to be a part of. Also, make sure that you get into contact with this guy. He has got a world of information. He is one of the guys I look up to in this game. Let me tell you a secret. There are not too many people that I look up to in his game.

Thank you for joining us. Flame, it is always a pleasure to share a stage, share a mic, and break some bread together. We have done it all. Make sure that you like, love, and share this with anybody who is in your world. Make sure that you share this comment because everybody deserves to have this information. Thank you for joining me.

Thank you for having me. I am very much appreciative of the opportunity. Make sure you guys hit me again at MeetFlame.com. Other than that, make sure that you sign up for the bootcamp. I enjoyed it.

Thank you for joining me. We will see you in the next episode.


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