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They say that the first step of any journey is the most important and most difficult step, and the same definitely holds true for improving your fundability™. Getting started down the path of fundability™ can be tricky, but whether your personal profile is buried in bad credit or virtually non-existent, it’s never impossible. Meet Kirk Wettschreck – a husband, father, real estate investor and business consultant with Sterling Oaks Consulting. He joins Merill Chandler to share his experience of initiating the process towards improving his fundability™. Entering the world of fundability™ for the first time can be a little confusing – like going into The Matrix – but rest assured, with the right knowledge and tools, it can be a breeze in a snap.

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Into The Matrix With Kirk Wettschreck

In this episode, we’re going to have a friend. We met in the Solutions Coaching Program at CreditSense where he has become a star performer and has shortened his path to fundability™. He shortened what we call time to money and he’s setting records across the board. I’m excited to have him as my guest. We’ll be meeting with Kirk Wettschreck. We’ll jump in and find out what it means to become fundable, not from my perspective, and the juice you get from being fundable. Kirk, how are you? I’m glad to have you as part of the show. Tell us a little bit about you and where do you hail from? More importantly, why fundability™? What were you running into? Give us a little history of how you found us and why you’re here. 

Thanks for inviting me. I’m honored to be here. I appreciate the opportunity to share my story. My name is Kirk Wettschreck. I came from Minnesota. I met you when you came into the town to give a talk to our notes group for our local REIA. You introduced your service and what you did. From that, I joined the bootcamp, which was your first ever live.

It was not just our first, but it was also our first live. We didn’t stream it or anything. It was like, “Welcome Minnesota. Let’s do this thing.”

We were your beta testers. We were on the cutting edge. I went to the bootcamp and it happened to be on a weekend that my wife and I had adopted four kids. We were having a big adoption party to introduce them to all the families.

You adopted four children. How long have they been living with you before you adopted them?

Almost six months or a year.

Was this before the adoption party?

AYF 75 | Getting Started

Getting Started: Becoming fundable, you’re able to start looking at doing your own deals, and those deals can increase your fundability™ more than 100%.


The adoption party happened to be the same weekend as the first-ever bootcamp. I wasn’t able to make a lot of the Saturday session. I was engaged with my brand new family. That was cool, but I made as much of the bootcamp as I could. From that, I was able to take away some actionable intel and start working on some of the things that you teach in the bootcamp. I start working on my profile and getting things in line.

How long after the bootcamp did you do things on your own before you did your strategy session or decided the solution coaching was going to be right for you?

I knew after the bootcamp that I wanted to engage as a client but I had to wait for the right time. While I was waiting, I started getting things in line myself. The bootcamp was in November and I became a client the following April.

At the bootcamp, you found that there was enough to do. People don’t become clients and yet they still kill it. What was it that made you want to be part of the Solutions Coaching Program rather than just take the bootcamp intel and do it on your own?

There are enough content and information in the bootcamp to do a lot of things on your own. What I found is my time is valuable, especially now that I have four kids. A lot of my time is taking up raising four kids that were then between 3 and 7. We’re very busy with them. I knew that I needed to go down this path. I knew that I wanted to improve, get fundable and optimize my profile. I decided to become a Valley client and let you guys do a lot of that heavy lifting.

We always tease people and I train the advisors that somebody gets out of their way. The point of our podcast is less about making a sales pitch for it. Now that you’re through and through, you know all of the bootcamp tech and client tech. What has been your experience of the fundamentals or perspective change from looking at good credit, bad credit, hard money loans and private money? What has fundability™ changed in your life? What is it that’s making a difference or an impact in your life?

I’m able to start now looking at being able to do my own deals. It has increased my fundability™ of more than 100%.

. Your personal profile is your golden goose. Take care of and nurture it. Don't grill it or cook it. Don't over break it with undue utilization and credit card stacking schemes #GetFundable Share on X

Where did you start? We don’t believe in scores, but they are a measure of where we’re starting. Where did you start out in your profile? Why was it there? What was it that fundability™ allowed you to do? Where are you sitting now? 

When I started my profile, it wasn’t terrible. I had around a 680 score. It’s fairly average maybe. I had a high utilization of a lot of my cards across my entire profile.

We learn at the bootcamp, in the book, and everything that everybody’s killing the golden goose. Tell us about what you were using your personal profile to do. How were you killing the golden goose?

If you rewind 2 or 3 years before, when I first started getting into real estate, I was a victim of one of those credit card stacking deals at the back of these seminars for the real estate. They’re like, “Come on in and we’ll help you find some money.” I loaded up a good deal of money getting the coaching and paying for their programs and killing the golden goose. It took me a good long while to recover from that.

Where do you sit now after you started to optimize or implement the fundability™ principles? What’s going on now?

Now my high score is 843.

For everybody who’s reading, you can’t go from 680 to 843 just by lowering your balances. If you’re using the unweighted score, you’re in the 840s. I mean 850 is the cap. What is it that helps get you there?

AYF 75 | Getting Started

Getting Started: Your personal profile is your golden goose. Take care to nurture it.


I put together a plan with my advisor team. I started paying down some of those cards. I started doing some debt shifting after we were able to establish some business lines of credit and some business credit. We moved some of that personal utilization over to business. That helped a great deal and knowing where and when to apply payments. We ended up closing some different cards and optimizing some other things. We’re making sure my personal identity was dialed-in and being able to start establishing some of those business banking relationships.

Before you learned about fundability™, give us an idea of what your beliefs were about borrowing from top-tier banks.

Before any of the Bootcamp training, I had no idea about any tiers of banks. I was probably more of a seagull or a fox. I was trying to grab up money wherever I could to get deals done. Whatever bank would give me credit and loans, I would be trying to take advantage of that.

What’s been your experience? You’ve been with the coaching program for 9, 10 months. What are your results? The tiers of the banks, what have you been able to take down so far?

I have established three business bank accounts. One with a tier-one bank and then the others, tier-two. I’ve been able to get a $120,000 in business lines of credit and credit cards. The one I got a few months ago was the $50,000 business line of credit from Wells Fargo.

You’re already in play with three of your first cascade institutions. For those of you who are joining us or this is your first episode, you need to binge all the previous episodes because we’ve got 75 episodes before this. Coming to talk to Kirk about how he implemented each one of these from the book, the bootcamp and coming in, it’s about gathering actionable intel. It’s finding out the truth of your situation and then establishing a plan to get through the principles of fundability™. There are ways that we step on landmines and we blow things up all the time over and over. I had to have you on, Kirk, because you had $120,000 in 8 to 9 months, I believe. Your next ones are coming up. We’ll have to do a revisit in a few months to see where you are. This is a spectacular result. What would you say is the most powerful or most influential of all the things you’ve been learning through the bootcamp, the book and the Solutions Coaching? What’s pulled the rug out from underneath that you celebrate or you love and it’s game-changing for you? 

The biggest thing for me was to respect the golden goose.

Take care of your personal credit profile and watch things take off #GetFundable Share on X

Explain that as though someone had not watched 75 other episodes.

You need to watch those episodes because each one of them has awesome content. Your personal profile is your golden goose. Take care of and nurture it. Don’t grill it or cook it. Don’t over break it with undue utilization and credit card stacking schemes. Take care of your personal credit profile and watch things take off.

That’s the truth. The goose that lays the golden eggs is your personal borrower profile. 80% of the lending decision by any bank is based on that qualified personal borrower profile. When we nurture it back to health, then it will lay golden eggs, business lines of credit, commercial loans, real estate loans, everything that you ever wanted to drive your business. It changes everything. That’s awesome what you have done. My producer is going to include half a dozen of Kirk’s memes. He has done many great memes that he shares on the Funding Hackers group, the Get Fundable group, and on the CreditSense group. He’s creating memes all the time. There’s Lord of the Rings and The Matrix. He didn’t even know this, but if somebody asked me, “Who is your hero?” it’s Neo of Matrix because he’s an individual who knows something’s not right.

In the beginning, he doesn’t necessarily know what’s not right, but through his curiosity and his personal demand to be accountable and to know the truth, he uncovers an entire world behind the world. That has been my journey when it comes to fundability™ what lenders are looking for. Scott Carson says on the back of the book, “Merrill Chandler is the Neo of the credit Matrix world.” I loved that you’ve used many Matrix memes of describing these things, Lord of the Rings among others. These memes are going to be throughout the entire episode. Thank you for being such a powerful example of choosing something and then making it happen because we’re just getting started. Tell me about your family on a personal level because everything we do in business is to drive some bigger goals or something bigger than ourselves. Tell me what your motivation was. Are the children all from one family or are they from multiple families? Tell me the story. I want to know about this.

These are kids that are from the same family. They’re my cousins. Three of the boys are my cousin’s biological sons. Our daughter is their half-sister. There was a series of events. My cousin took the boys down to Florida and he ended up getting in some trouble with the legal system. He was sentenced to a long time in prison. The boys were taken away from him. Angie and I have been married for 8, 10 years by that point. We’ve been trying to have kids but we weren’t able to. Before that event happened, we had started looking at the adoption angle. We want to be taking some foster kids or start adopting some kids so we can have a family. About a week after that, these events happened.

It’s like wishes granted. 

There was a higher power that knew these kids needed us and we needed these kids. It’s been over a few years that we’ve had them. It’s come a long way and there are still a lot of things and I’m starting to cry. They come from a complete trauma background where they’ve been neglected and they didn’t necessarily have the best ideal situation growing up. The first thing Angie said when we found out about what happened to my cousin is, “We’ve got to get these kids.” They were stuck down in Florida for almost six months when we were trying to get them back up to Minnesota. We were able to do that and power through. One of my biggest whys is to be able to create a legacy for them and to be able to create multiple streams of income so that I don’t have to work my full-time job anymore. We can spend time with them, experience life with them and raise them. Becoming fundable has already started to increase that lifestyle and that dream. We were able to book a Disney Cruise and we’re going to see how they do on that boat.

AYF 75 | Getting Started


A couple of my team members and I are headed out on an NREIA Cruise, the National Real Estate Investors Association Cruise. It’s been running for a few years. I love them, but there’s nothing like being able to take your family. First of all, that is what a superhero is all about. What I’m doing is nothing on having the perspective to take those children and bless their lives and begin building something that is completely transformational for them compared to how they’ve spent the first few years of their lives. Kirk, mad, crazy and insane props to you. I’m no Neo when it comes to that because I had my children. They’re all adults. Sharon was on a dozen episodes ago. I had a conversation with her, my oldest, she’s 31. They asked me all the questions. They started to pick up their second property. They could start renting their one and she’s a fundability™ genius. She included me to see if they were missing anything.

With your perspective, you realized the power you’re going to give those children as you educate them on what’s going on out there and how they can leverage their skills and talents, and have a genius father and mother. Thank you for doing what you have done. We always tell the military, “Thank you for your service,” but thank you for being the parents that would take them in and create an opportunity for them that was never going to be something in their lives before you guys. God bless you for that perspective. My team and I are here with whatever it takes to support you in building life because that is your why.

My why is growing the awareness of something. My why shifted as soon as all my children are adults. They’re all making their way in the world. We still have an amazing relationship and they’re all fundable, but my why has shifted. I’m here to support you in your why like I’m here for our audience to support their why. Kirk, you are an amazing example of someone who is taking it seriously and getting things done. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us on this episode. Kirk, you’re fundable and you’re on your way to even greater fundability™. Congratulations on your $120,000 and apparently, everything’s in play to double and triple that over the coming years. I forecast that. When you’re already there, that’s the pace. Congratulations and mad props to all of you. Any last words for our readers, Kirk, on what this can do for your life?

First of all, thank you. I appreciate you and your team. If you’re on the fence or anything about either the bootcamp or even becoming a client, it’s worth every penny. Even in the bootcamp, you’re going to get actionable intel. You can go and learn amazing things that can change your life and your children’s life. Get it done.

Thank you for joining us. Keep bingeing and keep going forward because we’ve got more amazing content to come. Kirk, thank you.

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About Kirk Wettschreck

AYF 75 | Getting Started

Meet Kirk Wettschreck, Husband of 11 years to Angie, father of 4 adopted kiddos, Real estate investor, Consultant, funding hacker and master implementer of the Get Fundable million dollar funding formula, Serial Entrepreneur and all around nice guy. Born and raised in the land of 10,000 lakes and generally frozen tundra of Minnesota, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Computer Science from the University of MN and started working in Corporate America as an IT consultant in 1999. Kirk loves to travel experience different cultures and try cuisines from all over the world and has so far visited 4 of the 7 continents. He also loves hunting, fishing and going to live sporting events. His goal is to buy back his time and retire from corporate America within 7 years(age 52) and spend more time his wife and  4 adopted kiddos experiencing the world and establishing a legacy for them by generating at least $16k/month income through various consulting income streams. He attended his (and the) very first boot live camp in Nov of 2018, joined the Credit Sense tribe as a valet client in April of 2019, and had been a Get Fundable fanboy ever since. His radical attention to detail and tenacious pursuit in following the implementation plan his adviser team has created for him has lead to $120,000 in new Business credit cards and line of credit and 10’s of thousands in automatic limit increases in his personal credit profile, in his first 9 months as a client. While his results may not be typical, they have been awesome, and he’s just getting started. 

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