AYF 74 | Social Security Scam


Scams have always been a part of history, whether it’s in business, employment, and even elections. This time, a scam involving social security to get your attention is circulating, and people must be made aware. Merrill Chandler raises awareness by spreading the news, going into detail, and breaking down the scammer’s MO. He talks about the people who could be most susceptible to scams and how we can help them instead of judging. Understand how it’s like to be on the other end of the barrel when a scam is directed at you, know how you can avoid it, and react the best way possible.

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The Social Security Scam That Has Become a Crisis…

In this episode, there’s a scam that is rocking the nation in a bad way and we’re going to be talking about it, what to watch out for and how this scam is one more version of the ways in which many of us have been taken advantage of because we don’t know the truth of the matter. We’re going to be talking about the Social Security Administration scam of the decade. What we can do about it, how to fight back and how to protect ourselves.

This is a fun one for you. We’re talking about this Social Security scam that has been going on for a while. It is hitting all new records high of individuals who are susceptible to it, believe it or putting money in the hands of the fraudsters. A little bit of background. I want to start out and give you an idea of what people are hearing, what’s going on and detail how this is all working. There is a recording on the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Protection site. This is not the only one that’s out there but this is an example of what’s going on and the types of calls that you might be getting.

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“The Social Security Agency is to suspend your Social Security number on an immediate basis as we have received suspicious trails of information in your name. The moment you receive this message, I need you to get back to me on my department division toll-free number that is (1-888) 952-5554. Verify the last four digits of your Social Security number when you call to better assist you with this issue. If I don’t hear a call from you, we will have to issue an arrest warrant under your name and get you arrested. Get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you.”

We’re going to have a little talk here. First of all, if we have eyes to see and ears to hear, if we know what we’re looking for. There are problems in this recording first. First, “And get you arrested.” I’ve never heard a law enforcement officer ever say, “And get you arrested.” They also said, “An arrest warrant.” The vast majority will say, “A warrant for your arrest,” because there are other types of warrants. A warrant for your arrest versus an arrest warrant. Also, a department division. The vast majority of this sounds like it’s being translated from a foreign language by people who may not necessarily know the English language as their first language and doing that. All that aside, people are susceptible to this. Even in our own team, we had this conversation and one of our team members was saying, “What scares me about this is it sounds like an amber alert or the recorded announcement for the Emergency Broadcast System.” I do not want to minimize this because so far according to a group of people who have testified in Congress about this process, over $38 million have been shipped offshore to account in order to protect people.

AYF 74 | Social Security Scam

Social Security Scam: If you don’t know the rules of engagement, you’re susceptible.


Even in our own state, my beloved State of Utah, there was an example and I’m reading from the Bucks County Courier Times here in Utah about a situation. I want to share this with you. I am going to read it because I want you guys to see exactly how powerful this is happening. “Anderson, the wife of a Utah state legislator, who admittedly avoids television and rarely listens to the radio said her ordeal started on December 6th, 2019, with a phone call to her cell phone from a man claiming to be with the Social Security Administration. She said he told her that her Social Security number was connected to a car at a bloody crime scene along the middle Mexican border in Texas.”

Now notice, this is a different type of scam but it’s still your Social Security number. Since we don’t know the rules of this game, like what I talked about in all my podcasts, business funding fraud, etc. People who don’t know what is actually part of the rules of engagement, if we don’t know we’re susceptible. “A second man posing as a federal agent, presumably when she called the 800 number or otherwise, warned Anderson that her family was in danger from Mexican drug cartels using her Social Security number and the only way to protect her money from being seized would be to transfer it to a safe offshore account in Hong Kong. Anderson followed the man’s instructions over the next few days, even rejecting a friend questions about it being a scam and eventually wired $154,000 and change to an oversea account.”

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Let’s not go there. Nothing is stupid if we are afraid and we feel like the gun is pointed at our head. In this case, she felt like the gun was pointed at her head and she’d made the things that were going to protect your family and assets. You and I never know what the gun looks like that’s pointed at our head when we are unaware of how the game is played. Let’s take a look at a couple of things. Brad, my partner and my chief marketing officer shared with us a number of bullet points with our team and with myself to be able to share with you guys.

On the robocalls which is what we call in the business. We call all of these as dialing for dollars. These guys are sending recorded messages. Brad’s business, Google Voice has received multiple versions of these calls multiple times a month. If they hook you, if you call, you start this process, push that first domino over, they’ll send you copies of warrants that are about to be issued. They’re literally going to falsify documents that say, “This is the money that’s going.” Presumably, this is what had happened to the wife of the Utah legislator. They turn on scare tactics rushing you to move the money before it is seized and they try to get you to protect your money in offshore accounts now. Further in this article, the gentleman who was a US Senator, Susan Collins, a Republican from Maine, the chairwoman of the aging committee, because many of our elderly and our senior citizens are susceptible to these types of scams.

AYF 74 | Social Security Scam

Social Security Scam: When you have the opportunity to learn, you have to grab it.


She was saying in the hearing that over $38 million have been shipped offshore from these types of scams and people are too embarrassed to even talk about it. That $38 million is how much has been reported. Not the ones who said, “I lost all my savings,” or “I sent X amount to test it out or otherwise.” Do you guys remember it was years ago, there was the email scam, where the Nigerians were saying, “We have to get money out of the country. Please send us the information.” They had an entire process where you were sending $500 or $5,000 in order to secure the release of hundreds of millions of dollars. These scams happen over and over.

Our senior says citizens are in many times susceptible because new technology is being used where we may not have all of the resources or experience with what is real on Facebook, Instagram or email if we even know what that is. We don’t know all of the protocols that happened, whereas Millennials or Gen Zs, are used to seeing scam things all the time, scam dating profiles. They call it being catfished when somebody’s posing to be somebody else. It’s part of the culture for our younger generations, but our older generations don’t necessarily have the same levels of sophistication. These robo dialers are churning through tens or hundreds of thousands of people to get through this.

Senator Collins said, “First of all, no government agency is going to use a robodialer or an automated system to have you do anything. They’re not going to tell you that it’s time to vote, you need to move money out of the country, your Social Security number or your identity has had problems.” Remember, we’ve talked in our Boot Camp and in my book, both of which you can get at GetFundableBootCamp.com and GetFundableBook.com, you can find out how these very types of scams are being perpetrated and folks who don’t know anything about business credit. The scam has crossed the gamut. It’s not about where the scams are. It’s about where the lack of sophistication or the ignorance of the audience is. When I say ignorance, I’m not talking about anybody playing dumb or it’s not your fault.

When we have opportunities to learn, we need to take those opportunities and that’s why I wanted to get this broadcast, Get Fundable to the folks over to CreditSense going into Insider Secrets and Funding Hackers private Facebook groups. Everybody needs to know what we’re up against and how to stop these things. First of all, in the section, we’re going to drop the article about the Utah legislature and the woman who was a participant in this process. We’re also going to drop a phone number and website where you can see what the top ten scams in America are. What didn’t make that list are business funding scams because it’s probably too narrow of a market. I’m telling you to go to GetFundableBook.com and GetFundableBootCamp.com.

The Bucks County is a Pennsylvania individual but the source was from Utah but the article is from Pennsylvania. We want to make sure that you guys know that an IRS scam has been in the number one spot on this top ten list for five straight years. This Social Security Administration scam, your Social Security card is one more that’s vying for unfortunate popularity of what our citizens are being susceptible to because of the lack of knowledge. Protect your loved ones. Share this link with your family, with your friends, get this information out to your people so everybody is protected and they know what’s coming up against them. We are doing everything to stay on top of this ourselves. This article just came out besides all the stuff that Brad has been receiving himself.

Keep the faith, protect yourselves, learn as much as you can and know that we’re all in this, the Get Fundable site, the Funding Hackers, The Insider Secret sites and Facebook pages because we are committed to building our businesses and funding our businesses. There are as many scams and fraudsters who are trying to take advantage of your lack of knowledge when it comes to that. Check out my book and the Boot Camp. You’ve got to arm yourself with the knowledge so you know what’s legit out there and what is not. I’m happy to be throwing these knowledge bombs out there. Protect yourselves by learning everything you possibly can and please share this post everywhere you can, especially with your senior relatives or folks who may not have the sophistication to see what a catfish is, as our younger generation calls anybody who’s posing as somebody else. Take care of yourself and be well.

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