AYF 159 | Fundable 2022


It’s that time to forecast another fundable year this 2022. Everyone talks about their ‘why’ as motivation, but what about their Z? What is the endgame? How do you know you’ve succeeded? In this episode, Merrill Chandler shares his Z300 method to help you stay on track with your goals both in finances and in life. Getting fundable isn’t just about closing the next deal. It’s about building the life that you want to live and becoming the person you want to be. See how this method works for you and get ready to conquer the coming year.

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Forecasting A Fundable 2022

This is the first episode of 2022. You need to open up your heart and mind because we’re going to be talking about how we’re doing in our end game. We’re talking about our Z, some tools, and very simple and easy things we can do to make our Z come true. Let’s get to it.

Welcome to 2022. As I was thinking and planning with, Sky, my producer, “What do we want to say?” Everybody is about, “Let’s get motivated and charged up.” How do we take on the new year? Today is no different than yesterday, and the day before, December 31st, December 16th, and December 2nd. The question is, what are we doing now that’s going to continue moving us forward? I want to have a heart-to-heart and review some of the things. At any level in the tribe, if you’ve read my book, read previous episodes to this, especially if you’ve been to the bootcamp, you are aware of a concept that I call Z.

Many people talk about their why. What’s the motivation? What’s your purpose in life? What motivates and inspires you to get up every morning and take on your day? I take it a step further and I ask, “What is your Z?” If your motivation is your why, then what is your end game? When have you arrived? When do you know, “I made it?” What’s the evidence that you’ve made it? I have a thing that we call the Z-300. It’s not my creation. I was inspired by this by a dear friend. I love his tutorials and coaching by the name of William Lam, a brilliant man.

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He’s the one who taught me about this. I call it the Z-300. He told me about this exercise. It’s to document 100 things that you’re grateful for, in as much detail as possible, 100 things you want to acquire. These things are not income-generating. They are things that facilitate your life. It could be a better mousetrap, anything that facilitates and makes your life better, but it’s a thing and it’s not initially income generating. Some people say, “I want a house in Lucerne, Switzerland and then I’m going to Airbnb it.” Let’s talk about the Lucerne, Switzerland house first. What you do with it after that is up to you, but why Lucerne? What is it that motivates and facilitates life?

We had 100 gratitude, 100 things, and then 100 experiences that I want to have and/or share. For example, in 2013, I walked El Camino de Santiago, The Way of Saint James. That’s a 500-mile pilgrimage from Southern France to Portugal. I did it by myself. They could be things you want to share or things that you do by yourself, but experiences that you want to have while you are breathing the air on this planet. That’s what I call the Z-300.

AYF 159 | Fundable 2022

Fundable 2022: We’re not just here to get money for the next flip, for the next franchise, or for the next wholesale deal. Those are wealth strategies to get us to a powerful and fulfilled life motivated by out why, but knowing we’ve arrived when we hit our Z.


This is our check-in. I do it every year, but where are you on your Z-300? First, do you have each of those 100 gratitudes, 100 things that facilitate your life, and 100 experiences documented? That’s our first task. If you were here in 2021, when we did what we call our New Year’s Revolution, we didn’t want to make resolutions, we wanted to create a revolution in our souls. That was the challenge. If you have not completed your Z-300, please set that as a goal this year. I’m not asking you to do it in a day or a week or even a month.

The way I did it was at the back of my journal, the last pages of it, there are 25 lines. I did 4 pages of gratitude, 25 lines each equaling 100. I did 4 pages dedicated to my 100 things that will facilitate my life and 4 more pages. I’m working backwards from the back of the journal all the way to the front. I labeled them Z-300. Every day when I wrote in my journal, I added even one. I added one by one until I had it complete.

First of all, it does two things. It gets you into your journal, which I’m a believer in documenting your feelings, the sensations you’re having, the ups and downs, the devastation, and the absolute ecstasy of your life. At the back, write that down somewhere. Document your Z-300, because fundability™ is about how to get financing for everything in our life. Fundability™ is about approvals from lenders to get money. We’re not just here to get money for the next flip, franchise, or wholesale deal. All of those are tools. Those are wealth strategies to get us to a powerful and fulfilled life. Motivated by our why, but knowing we’ve arrived when we hit our Z.

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I was in a bootcamp once and it was so fun. We were making a list and this guy went, “I want to circumnavigate the globe on a sailboat.” “Are you renting it or buying it?” He says, “I’m going to buy it.” That is something that’s going to facilitate your life. The belongs on your 100 things. You can have the experience of circumnavigating the globe. Most likely, we’re going to finance that. It’s going to require fundability™ to do so. Are we doing the math here?

We want to facilitate our lives and other people’s money has the ability to help us do that. If you’re going to rent your sailboat out or do the equivalent of Airbnb on that sailboat, that’s all secondary. Those are great ways to leverage your fundability™, but without that sailboat, you’re not going around the globe, unless your passenger was somebody else. That’s fair too.

It is so important. I’m reminding us again, Z-300, 100 gratitude, 100 things, 100 experiences. Get them down because if you’re part of my tribe, we want to go through those and say, “Which one of the things do I want to get in 2022? Which one of the experiences do I want to have in 2022?” We’re going to chop away together. I’ve been doing this for many years and I’m going to do it for many more years. We want to chop away that 100 things and 100 experiences.

What experiences in that list are you going to do this year? What things do you want to acquire? It could be as simple as a Montblanc. “I’ve always wanted a Montblanc pen to sign all my deals on.” Let’s put it on the list for 2022. For those of you who did this exercise when we did our New Year’s Revolution, what Z goals did you hit? What Z experiences and things did you get? If you didn’t, where did we fall off? There’s no fail here. We just stopped paying attention. Here we are together once again, focusing our collective attention on exactly this thing. “What am I accomplishing in 2022 that’s going to be on my list?”

Fundable 2022: We talk about borrower behaviors that make us fundable. But we also have life behaviors that make us successful when done or less successful when not done.


One of my things for 2022 is a fundability™ app so that people can begin the process of their fundability™ and then come to me to help them with specific funding goals. My biggest thing this 2022 that facilitates my life, the initial level is free to the public. That is a thing that doesn’t generate me income, but it does help me with my mission or why to pull back the curtain and get rid of the myths and reveal the stupidities that we have been led to believe by others.

My why and Z things get in play, and the experience of inviting and enjoying a bigger audience or tribe where we’re all after the same thing, fundability™, higher quality of life, and a greater standard of living in 2022. That’s what my tribe is all about. Did you throw the baby out with the bathwater in December now? There’s no judgment here because I’ve done it all. I comprehend.

Did the end of the year like, “I’m out of here?” Even in 2021, we sprinted to the end. We had a 21-day challenge from the 9th of December 2021 through the 31st of December 2021 to end strong and powerful and committed when we hit January 1, 2022. If you don’t like how you ended the year, then why not start now?

I want to give props to Sky in our conversations about this topic. She brought to my attention, “Merrill, we talk about borrow behaviors all day, every day and every client that make us fundable. We also have life behaviors that make us successful when done or less successful when not done. It’s all about behaviors.”

Think of it this way, remember in the bootcamp, how we talk about thoughts. We have thoughts first. If a thought is supercharged by a feeling positive or negative, it becomes a belief. “All Hershey’s chocolate bars are bad because we had a negative experience with Hershey’s chocolate bar.” We operate from our beliefs. If we believe that it’s dangerous to go out at night, we don’t go out at night. Our behaviors automatically follow our beliefs.

Every one of us went into the world of fundability™. That’s the big interrupt. One of the biggest things that you have ever learned is, “It’s not about your credit score. It’s about your borrow behaviors.” We’ve been doing that for as long as you’ve been in the tribe. That’s the big domino. That’s the thing that makes everything else happen. That’s the one thing that countermands and eradicates all the other myths so that we can learn the truth behind the myths.

With feelings become beliefs, become behaviors. Some people say 7 times. Some say 21 times, whatever your belief is about it, you do a behavior enough that it becomes a habit. Again, one of the things in our conversations with Sky, she talked about anchor behavior. This was awesome for me. It is from an article she had read.

Our habits transform us into the nature of our being. Our habits are the things we do that helps us become who we want to become. Click To Tweet

Let’s say I get up at 6:00 AM. That’s not the behavior. That’s when I start the behaviors. I go straight from my bed to my yoga mat to start doing my stretches and my poses. That is an anchor behavior. If I can get from my bed to my mat, the rest of the day is like, “ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching.” I have the likelihood of the most success.

What is your anchor behavior? What is it that you are going to do the second you get out of bed? Some people pray. Some people immediately jump in the shower. Some people dress and go jogging. Whatever your anchor behavior is, there’s nothing in between getting out of bed and doing this thing. It’s the first thing. The more powerful that anchor is, the easier it is to do things afterward. I go to yoga, workout, meditation, journal, then shower and go off to rest of the day.

How can we do that one thing? Thoughts, feelings, beliefs, anchor behavior, and now we have a habit. A habit is done without further thought. When I finished my poses on my mat, there was nothing in my way to go over to my weights and grab them. I have a routine already done. It’s a habit. There is no thought. I don’t get off of my mat going, “Should I do it now?” No, it is the easiest thing because I’ve used yoga to help me wake up, stretch, acclimate, get back in my body, and then begin the rest of my habits.

Some of us believe that enough habits or a set of habits create our character. Our character requires no thought for showing up in the world. It’s who we are, not what we do. Our habits transform us into the nature of our being. Our habits are things we do that help us become who we want to become. As Sky said, “It’s crazy, we focus all this fundability™, time and attention on borrower behaviors, but the exact same things are true about your life behaviors.” I want to commend every one of us to stay here and walk through this process.

AYF 159 | Fundable 2022

The New F* Word

Make your Z-300 somewhere that you can continue to write it. I have one client who put it on a whiteboard. It’s always in front of him in his office, and he added some every day. Whatever you do, put it somewhere so that you can add to it every day until you have at least 100. You can renew that when you start checking things off of your Z-300 and replace those easy-peasy.

This is awfully big I love you, but I love you. The reason why I can honestly and in my heart say that is because if you’re reading this, it might be true that it’s not your first one. My message and your desires for your life are one and the same. I want to continue to support you. I can say I love you because we are kindred spirits. I want us to succeed by simply knowing how the game is played and becoming master players.

To that end, I encourage you, please stay connected. If you’re a member of the tribe, keep bingeing the episodes. If you are not a member of the tribe and you’re checking in, then get a copy of my book to understand, it’s The New F* Word. How does this game is played? How do we succeed at financing every single thing that we want for our lives and every experience we want to have?

Go to my bootcamp and transform your entire view of the financial system, however you do it. If you’re a funding hacker, stay a member. Keep coming to our Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00 PM Mountain Time. Come to our sessions. If you can only make it once a week, come on Thursday, because that’s where we are accountable.

All of us are putting out what our Z’s are, what we’re going to do for the next week, what we’re going to implement, how we’re going to do it, and we check in with each other as a crew. I can honestly and in my heart say that I love you because you’re not here unless you and I are on the same vibe. If that’s so, then you have my heart and my soul. Have an amazing 2022. Let’s get our Z’s on the board and with checks next to their name.

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