AYFGF 160 | Fundable Business Name


If your business name is Real Estate Property Resources, LLC, you are immediately not fundable at all. Business names and, more importantly, business codes are very crucial when it comes to fundability™. Join Merrill Chandler as he talks about having the right business name for your company. Remember, words drive the business codes. The business codes drive the fundability™ or lack of fundability™. Listen in so that you may find success!

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The Importance Of A Fundable Business Name

In this episode, we’re going for the business funding throat. Why are you getting denied because of the words that are used in the name of your business or the business purpose? By the way you name and describe your company, you’re telling lenders, “Don’t lend to me.” I’ll see you on the inside.

Have you ever had the experience where you’re going from A to Z in your business and profession? Let’s say for my real estate investors out there, franchise owners and people who are business entrepreneurs, you got this great template and task list of everything you need to do to rehab your house and open up a new store or franchise. You’re killing it and going. All of a sudden, you’re like, “Hold it. I forgot this one thing.” If we were to use the alphabet in this example, you’re like, “L, M, N, O, Q, P and R.” You’re way downstream. You’re like, “I didn’t do this thing.” You’ve got to go back. It’s not too late, as is the case now. That’s where I am.

What we’re talking about and what this episode is about is how your business name is killing your fundability™. If you’ve been to the boot camp, you already know what I’m talking about. If you’ve been to some of my web classes or other education pieces, you may have heard about this. In my show, I’m so far downstream with sharing things that work and don’t work. What do I find? I haven’t even talked about business names and business funding codes that kill you and your fundability™. You’re on a blacklist and no one is going to touch you. What am I talking about? Let’s get started.

AYFGF 160 | Fundable Business Name

Fundable Business Name: Estate, equity, credit, holdings, stock, money, finance, investments, and much more. If any of these words are in your business name, it is to the 99th percentile that you are not fundable.


There are industries out there that are not fundable. The top 33 banks are the top 4 Tier 1 and the 29 other Tier 2s. They won’t touch these industries except under special circumstances and full doc. They got a document the hell out of you, but they’re not going to deliver unsecured stated income, single-page application, business lines of credit or business loans. Why? These industries are suspect. These industries are ones they want to stay out of because it’s either controversial or they don’t like the business model. They’re gambling, cannabis, porn and, believe it or not, real estate investors, credit specialists and dozens of other ones.

What I’ve done is we’re going to talk about how to find out whether or not your business is a fundable business. How do we do that? We do it the same way that the lenders and everybody else do it. Let’s take a look at this list. If any of these words are in your business name, it is to the 99th percentile you are not fundable. Straight up, no top-tier lender is going to lend to you. It includes real estate, property and resources. Real estate, property, and resources are the first ones that I mentioned because I had a client whose business name was Real Estate Property Resources, LLC.

No longer is that their name after coaching with us. There’s real estate, property and resources. Any one of those words alone is enough to get you denied. He had all three of those names. Let’s continue with the list. There’s estate such as real estate or estate planning, wills, holdings, equities and credit. That was my downfall back in 2008 when I found the funding game had changed. In 2015, when I tried to get a CreditSense business advisor loan, there was a spectacular personal profile and full doc of financials and tax returns for three years. I couldn’t get a dime because I had credit in the name. I suffered from the same thing you are learning about.

There are industries out there that are not fundable because they're either controversial or have a bad business model. Share on X

After credit is stocks, money, finance, investments, securities, prosperity, funding, wealth, assets, capital and savings. There are others, but these are the big ones. It’s any one of these words in your business name or the purpose of your business. When you fill out your Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation, what’s the purpose of your business? Some of us are like, “It’s real estate investing, capital management or whatever it is.” They’re looking at the name of your business and what’s in the description or what the business purpose is for. If we have a problem, let’s find out first where that problem comes from and what we have to do next.

This is history because every single one of these words has a business code associated with it. The business codes are the ones that are making you unfundable. It’s not the words themselves, but the words drive the business codes and the business codes drive fundability™ or lack of fundability™. Let’s go through this process. First of all, I’ll go through the diagram. Imagine being at your secretary of state. You’re on the website and you’re filling out your Articles of Organization and Articles of Incorporation. You fill it out and put it in there, “Resource Property Management.”

You type that in, fill out the name of the business and the purpose and hit submit. What most of us don’t know and what will make all the sense in the world once we learn it is that every single secretary of state in the United States has a duty and obligation to report what types of businesses were filed in their state that month. As the Feds go, these businesses have codes. They go to this codex of all of the business codes using these words. The secretary of state clerks read your business name and purpose and go, “Real Estate Property Resources. That must be a 3429.” They put in a 3429 in your form. You don’t know what’s happening, but it’s going into their records.

AYFGF 160 | Fundable Business Name

Fundable Business Name: Business credit agencies buy data from business lenders. So, if you were to pull your business credit report from them, your code will be broadcasted to every future lender in the universe.


Let’s say 3429 is horribly unfundable because it’s real estate property resources. That secretary of state reports all of these using these codes. They don’t report the name of your business. They just report, “We had 27 open up under 3742. We had 6 open up on our 1814.” That’s how they report. That’s how the Feds make their monthly and annual reports of the growth of the economy. When you’re listening to the news, they’re saying, “The tech sector increased by 10%.” How do we know that? It’s because there were 10% more tech businesses that applied for, incorporated or filed as an LLC.

If you’ve got these tech resources, it’s because it has technology in the business name or the business address. No matter how big or small you are as a businesswoman or a businessman, most of us don’t know this process because it has to happen after the fact. That’s what we’re solving for. Here we are, the secretary of the state behind your back assigns a code to your business. Every single lender that’s not a hard money lender or private lender and all commercial lenders and public lenders have the behind the curtain access to your company filings.

What do they do? They google, “Real Estate Property Resources, LLC.” They look it up, go right over and see what the code is. They have codes that are forbidden to lend to. You don’t know what’s going on, but the lenders are now looking up the secretary of state filings and seeing you’re already unfundable. They’re not going to lend to you. To make matters worse, most of the big banks report their data to what’s called the SBFE or the Small Business Financial Exchange. It’s not a credit bureau because they don’t keep those kinds of records. They want to know what states, regions, and cities are and how safe it is to lend for business loans.

Words drive the business codes. The business codes drive the fundability™ or lack of fundability™. Share on X

They report to the SBFE and then these business credit reports. There are three main business credit reporting agencies or groups, Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business, not to be confused with Experian on your personal and Equifax Business, not to be confused with Equifax personal. These guys buy data from the business lenders. Guess what happens to be of the data that they purchase. They buy that code. If you were to pull your business credit report from Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business and Equifax Business, you’re going to see your business codes right there in broad daylight being broadcast to every future lender in the universe.

They all get the memo that you’re not fundable and that they don’t want to lend to your industry type. What do we do about it? First of all, understand that when you do know what codes are fundable, you can amend the secretary of state to add those codes. I did it in the state of Utah and Texas, where we have various filings. More importantly, once you find out what code you want to use that is fundable, then you can update the secretary of state, but you can also update the business credit bureaus so that they have the right business code and they broadcast a fundable business code. The big question is how to do it. In our broadcast, we need way more time to go through the details. It can be done.

This is one of those where I got to tell you this. Most of the time, I don’t preach the gospel of my boot camp. All the changes you need to know and make are in the boot camp. You got to go to GetFundableBootcamp.com. You know I’m true and faithful. In my show, I don’t sell anything anywhere, but this is a solution that you must do. We need way more decks and intel. You’ve got to be able to know how to go look these up and make these changes. I’m going to refer you to Get Fundable Bootcamp. More than anything, you need to know that it’s not okay that this is happening behind your back.

This is crazy that all this is being done behind our backs. I’m telling you where to get the information and that you need to change the information. It’s a way longer conversation of how because you’ve got to know where the codes are and do the research. Some of you may need to create a funding entity and then loan to your real estate, finance, gym, or other business because your activities may not be fundable. We go into great detail in the boot camp. If you establish a business funding entity that the banks love, and I’ll show you how to do that, then you can lend to your otherwise unfundable businesses.

Teddi asked, “What are the fundable NCIS codes?” First of all, they’re called SIC and NAICS codes. That’s way too valuable information. I’m going to refer you to GetFundableBootcamp.com. Teddi, come and join me. Let’s go through this together because the codes are not enough. The fundable business entity and the codes go together. I don’t want to get you in a mess. It’s valuable information. I want you to come and join me at the boot camp because it is worth every single penny and a hundred times more to find out this and 33 other strategies.

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