AYF 151 | Physics of Wealth


We all want to live life to the fullest and experience the joys of everything from our financial freedom to family life to friends and everything in between. So how do we create a life we have always dreamed of and become better versions of ourselves? In this episode, Merrill Chandler provides analogies to help you think about how you could expand your heart and soul while having your cash flow too. We have limitless power, but how do we capture this energy we need to navigate throughout our lives? Tune into this as you dive deep into how you could bring in vast quantities of cash. Make your heart bigger, expand your wattage, and live a meaningful life. Listen to this episode to gain perspective and shine brighter in different aspects of your life.

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The Physics Of Wealth

In this episode, we’re going to talk about some universal thing. Buckle up and hold on because we’re going to talk about an analogy. The limitless amount of energy has its analog and match in the limitless amount of currency that is currently available to fill through your bank account. We’re going to go deep dive into how these are not only identical but how you can expand your passage to receive currency in every form.

In this episode, I’m so excited about what we’re going to be talking about because we’re going to be talking about cash, Kashish, Jetta, Moolah, money, currency. We’re talking about how to bring in vast quantities of cash. It’s more natural for you to have cash than not have cash. That’s what we’re going to talk about. As the title reads, currency. There are currents as in electrical current but then there’s currency. What if they operate by the exact same principle? This is not nanu-nanu. This is Physics. This is the Physics of money. I want you guys to understand. By the time we finish this, I want us to be on the same page. I want us to understand exactly how this cashflow works. That’s another thing. A current like an electrical current. Current flows.

We talk about cashflow. We’re talking about movement. Cash or money is always flowing. It’s always in movement. The only time it stops is if you put it in your mattress or in a tin can at the top of your shelves. If it’s in a bank, it keeps moving. If you have it in your checking or savings, wherever you have it, this amazing current continues to flow. That’s why we’re calling it currency.

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I’m going to use this electrical example because it is spot on. When it came to me a while back, I was like, “This is the coolest analogy.” We’re going to be talking about fixed beliefs because that causes us to stop being open and receiving this flow. We put up dams against the flow but think of it this way. Imagine limitless energy or limitless flow. I’ll show you how limitless it is. Imagine that you had gobs of solar panels. If you have flown into Las Vegas in the last few years, whatever direction you’re coming from, you’re flying over literally solar farms. Vast quantities, not acres, square miles of solar panels. That’s our capture area.

We have sun. The sun estimates between 4 and 5 billion years old but it’s got another 9 to 10 billion years of life left to it. I would call that a lot of flow. Here’s the thing. If it is going to be shining on the Earth for the next 9 to 10 billion years, I think if we’re interested in generational wealth, we’re covered there’s. Let’s make the assumption in this analogy that there is limitless power, limitless energy. It’s just shining. You didn’t have to create it. I didn’t have to create it. Wherever it came from or whatever your beliefs are about it, it is there and it is shining relentlessly.

How do we capture this power? We have miles of solar panels. That’s the cool thing. Let’s say that you live in Las Vegas so we can keep it locale. You’ve got limitless sun, sunshine, ability to capture this energy but it’s flowing. You can store it in a battery but batteries top out. That means there’s so much flow like any dam in a lake. If you don’t keep the flow going then the dam is going to fill all the way to the top. Batteries fill all the way to the top and you stop capturing flow so we have to let it out. If we don’t let it out, if we don’t let it flow, it dies. It stays captured right there. Follow me on this analogy.

AYF 151 | Physics of Wealth

Physics of Wealth: Believe that you have more power than you think you do. What you think you are becomes who you are.


If we don’t let it flow, we lose its power. It’s not serving us. Let’s say we let it out. The way we let it out is we hook that battery. Let’s say that battery drives the electrical grid. Electrical grids are simply the systems that allow the flow to occur. These huge transmitter systems that are going through the desert allow current to pass through. At some point, we tap into that mechanism and that flow is able to go into a transformer. The transformer is once again an amazing part of this analogy. The transformer takes it from this huge amount of voltage, watts and amps. This huge amount of energy is transformed into a usable current. It’s like taking a pipeline. We’ll use fluid, which is water.

Let’s say we have this six-foot diameter pipe and it’s full of water. You then have a little conduit off to the side and you turn a valve open. Some of that water flows out and the rest continues to flow. The flow now changes direction. Some go this way. A little bit goes this way. The same thing happens with the transformer and electricity. The transformer transforms that massive amount that’s going on the high lines that is transformed into a usable level currency. We call it the 220, generally speaking. There are other amounts for industrial places and etc. Let’s say we convert it from this massive, I don’t even know the measurement of what’s going in those highlights that you see spanning the countryside but it ends up going into something like 220 from the transformer.

Now the 220 means that we’ve got a smaller pipeline of electricity flowing. A smaller pipeline of current. It then comes into your house. That transformer converts it and it goes into a junction box or a fuse box. Here’s where our analogy gets fun because it goes into a fuse box then it circulates and the big 220 spreads across the entire house. Every wall outlet, circuit, it’s literally flowing. We’ve got everything from the sun as eternal, limitless energy to limitless energy coming through our house. We’re not going to talk about utilities and all that stuff. Stay with me on the flow.

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You and I are the equivalents of, let’s call us, an appliance. We’re appliance in this current. When we have to plug ourselves into the current. When we plug ourselves into the current, every one of us has an instrument. We have a certain amount of what’s called a draw. We draw a certain amount of energy based on our wattage. We know that you can have a 20-watt light bulb and you can have a 50,000 candle-watt powered searchlight and everything in between but the current is limitless. The current that we plug into is limitless but because of who we are, we believe that we are a 20-watt bulb. Some of us believe we’re 100-watt bulbs, we have a 500-watt draw or we trained ourselves to learn that we can draw down 50,000 watts. That is based on our beliefs of what kind of an appliance or instrument we are.

For those of you who’ve been to my bootcamp, etc., know me. I talk about Z. The Z of life, quality of life and standard of living. Your wattage is based on what you believe you deserve as a standard of living and what you deserve in quality of life. The things that facilitate your life and the experiences and whom you want to do those experiences with. That’s quality of life. That’s everything. Are you a 20-watt bulb? Is the light that you are shining out into the world and illuminating the people around you, is it a 20-watt, a 100-watt, 550,000-watt? It depends on your beliefs about yourself now. Here’s what’s awesome. When you start drawing too much power for who you are as an appliance or an instrument then there are circuit breakers, currency breakers that pop and cut off the currency to you.

What happens is in this analogy, I want us to understand that if we believe there is scarcity associated with money. We don’t believe that this is an eternal flowing current and anytime we plug into it, we will be able to draw how big our instrument is and how big our light that we want to shine to quote the good book.

AYF 151 | Physics of Wealth

Physics of Wealth: Your wattage is based on what you believe you deserve as a standard of living and what you deserve in quality of life.


People talk to me about, they have derogatory items on their credit report or they got too far out on a limb financially. They had different types of self-sabotage. All of us have done it ourselves or know somebody who has where they’ve gone too big, too fast and it blew up in their face. Those are circuit breakers so we don’t burn ourselves out. If we go too big, too fast then the circuit breaker of the financial community basically pops. We have to go manually reset it to re-engage that current so that we can plug back in or we can continue to operate. I don’t want to push the analogy too far but do you feel me? Do you get what I’m saying here? The only thing we’re in charge of is you don’t have to make the sunburn. Through COVID and everything, we’ve added trillions of more dollars into our circuit. There are trillions of more dollars available to us when we keep the flow going.

There are board games out there that talk about the cashflow game, the money game, etc. All show or demonstrate your relationship or show your beliefs about it. The point I’m making in this simple presentation is that you’re in charge of two things. You’re in charge of plugging yourself in and how much wattage you draw. Let’s call it three things. How big of an instrument, how big of an appliance and how big is your light to illuminate your loved ones, your family, your community and the nation. There are people out there whose light is shining brightly. Usually, they have tons of currency going through their lives in order to influence for good, vast quantities of people. Are you plugged into this eternal, endless, effortless source of currency, power or energy? How big can you grow?

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One of the things we talked about in the bootcamp is the Z-300 exercise. I want to bring that up here. Make a list of the first 100 things that you are grateful for. Make a list of 100 actual things, not experiences. You can say, “I want a house.” That’s the thing. Don’t say, “I want a passive income.” That’s an experience. I’m talking about material things and then I want your final 100 of the Z-300, 100 experiences. If you’re going to put any travel, I want to know where you’re going and with whom. That’s the Z-300. One hundred things you’re grateful for, 100 material possessions that will facilitate your life like, “I want to go water skiing with my family on weekends.” That presumes a boat. Maybe you own a boat or you have the means to rent a boat. That’s what it is. Gratitude things to facilitate your life and experiences you want to have and the people you want to have them with.

Everyone who has done this exercise start getting nitty-gritty. You start pushing so deeply into expanding your soul, expanding your wattage from 20 watts to 100 or 500, from 500 to 10,000. The very act of imagining things that would facilitate your life that would make you bigger and make your soul, heart, pocketbook bigger. That is you expanding your wattage and the amount of currency that is going to flow through your life. Are you following me here? We want mad quantities of currency. We want to be such a big instrument but the last thing that we are in charge of is making sure that we don’t blow out where we don’t flip the circuit breaker. Listen to the word. We break our connection with all the currency, money and energy that’s out there. We cut it off and we have to manually go put the effort in to reconnect with that.

Sometimes, we may blow out an instrument. We may blow out a bowl. You’ve seen the movies where there’s too much energy coming through that and the street lights are exploding, etc. That’s too much for your capacity. That’s why our exercise for this presentation is to make your list. All the things you’re grateful for that you have now, set your baseline. One hundred things. All the material things that will facilitate your life and the experiences you want to have, that process will expand your bandwidth. Weird term to use but perfectly describes what we’re doing. It expands your capacity to bring in the currency then shine that light into the world and make mad changes everywhere you go.

AYF 151 | Physics of Wealth

Physics of Wealth: If you don’t keep the flow going, the dam will fill all the way to the top batteries, fill to the top, and stop capturing flow.


Look at the title, currency. Currency, to me, is one and the same. It is the current that we plug into all the money that is available in the world. It is an endless abundant source that’s going to last us as long as the sun is shining. Take this home, do this exercise and I tell you, you will be a bigger light bulb by the time you finish it, you were when you started. You will automatically start seeing how much more draw you have from this eternal source of energy. You will shine brighter in every aspect of your life. If this is meaningful to you, share it with your loved ones. If you’re reading the show, rate, review. Tell us what you’re thinking. Tell us what’s up for you. Let’s double, triple, 10X how much we are contributing, shining and giving to this world because we’ve helped our capacity grow.